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There are more than 1,500 academicians in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia working in various field of research & development. Here, you can easily look for any potential collaborator using keywords in order for us to work together; may it be post-doctoral attachment, research collaboration, consultation or professional services.

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A Aziz Bin Saimsteel; reinforced concrete; construction; composite steel-concreteDetails
A Bakar Bin Jaafarutm perdana school and ocean thermal energy centre (otec)Details
Ab Al-Hadi Bin Ab Rahmandesign and implementation of signal processing systemsDetails
Abbas Mardanisustainable and renewable; quality management; sustainable development energy; fuzzy sets; mcdmDetails
Abd Rahman Bin Tamuriphysics; laser; nonlinear optics; electronics and instrumentationDetails
Abd Wahid Bin Rasibremote sensing; gis and geomaticDetails
Abd. Halim Bin Hamzahspatial data infrastructureDetails
Abd. Rahim Bin Abu Bakarnvh; fea; crashworthinessDetails
Abd. Rahman Bin Abdul Rahimsupply chain management; occupational safety and health; new product design; lean managementDetails
Abd.Khamim Bin Ismailmicro-nanostructured materials and sensorsDetails
Abd.Rahim Bin Yacobphysical chemistry; nanomaterials; heterogeneous catalysis; forensic scienceDetails
Abdul Basit Bin Samat @ Darawikesenian islam; syariah; ekonomi islamDetails
Abdul Halim Bin Abdullahmathematics education; higher order thinking skills; geometrical thinkingDetails
Abdul Halim Bin Husseinsocial culture in architecture; tropical architectureDetails
Abdul Halim Bin Mohamed Yatimpower electronics; electrical drives; renewable energyDetails
Abdul Kadir Bin Marsonotall building industrialize building system building information modelingDetails
Abdul Muta'ali Bin Othmandesign thinking; design strategy and innovationDetails
Abdul Rahim B. Abdul Hamidconstruction safety; construction and project management; civil engineeringDetails
Abdul Rahim Bin Haji Salamtechnology supported language learning; computer assisted language learning; english language teachingDetails
Abdul Rahim Bin Hamdancurriculum development and multicultural educationDetails
Abdul Rahman Bin Mohd.Samconcrete technology; advanced composite materials; cement replacement materials; special concrete; equine managementDetails
Abdul Rashid Bin Husaincontrol application in dynamic systems; network control system; mechatronic system design; innovation product designDetails
Abdul Razak Bin Idriseducational technologyDetails
Abdul Razak Bin Jaffarurban planning; urban planning educationDetails
Abdul Razak Bin Lebai Ismaildrillling fluid; formation damage; shale problem; cuttings transport; environmental friendly mudDetails
Abdul Razak Bin Rahmatmanajemen pendidikan nonformalDetails
Abdul Samad Bin Haji Ismailwireless sensor networks; grid computing; optical networks; web caching; collaborative virtual environmentsDetails
Abdul Yasser Bin Abd Fatahmagnetorheology and electrorheology; simulation and modeling; systems and industrial engineering; manufacturing systems and procDetails
Abdull Rahim Bin Hj Mohd Yusoffanalytical chemistryDetails
Abdullah Asuhaimi Bin Mohd Zinpower systemDetails
Abdullah Bin Mohd. Nawiapplied drama; drama in esl; tesl/efl/toefl; malaysian education; reflective practiceDetails
Abdullah Zawawi Bin Awangcivil engineering and structural materialsDetails
Abu Bakar Bin Mohammadtelecommunications; photonics communication technology; first interest; second interestDetails
Abu Khari Bin A'ainanalog/rf ic design; ic test; design for test; defect modelingDetails
Abu Sahmah Bin Mohd Supa'atoptical communication; integrated optics; rof; photonic switching and optical sensorsDetails
Adaviah Binti Mas`Odsocial marketingDetails
Adi Maimun Bin Hj Abdul Maliknaval architecture; offshore structures; offshore engineering; ship designDetails
Adibah Binti Yahyaenvironmental biotechnology; biodegradation; microbial microbiology; microbial enhance oil recoveryDetails
Adibah Bte Awanggeo-law; geo-spatial legislation; land law; land administration; propertyDetails
Adnan Bin Ahmadtechnical and vocational educationDetails
Adnan Bin Hassanindustrial engineering; pattern recognition; quality engineeringDetails
Adnan Bin Ripinengineering scienceDetails
Adriana Binti Mohd Rizalentrepreneurship and sme new venture developmentDetails
Aede Hatib Bin Musta'amal @ Jamalmanufacturing technology; design and technology; creativity; innovation; technical and vocational educationDetails
Aemi Syazwani Binti Abdul Keyonanalytical chemistry; chromatography and electrophoresis; microfluidics; materials science; environmental chemistryDetails
Afnizanfaizal Bin Abdullahcomputational intelligence; bioinformatics; synthetic biologyDetails
Agus Bin Arsadpolymer rheology; polymer composite; polymer recyclingDetails
Ahamad Zaidi Bin Baharientrepreneurship; service quality; consumer behaviourDetails
Ahmad 'Athif Bin Mohd Faudziintelligent actuators; embedded system; automation control; system integration; soft mechanismDetails
Ahmad Baharuddin B Abd Rahmancivil; semi rigid connections; precast concrete structures; steel structuresDetails
Ahmad Bin Che Yaacobfiqh; zakat; wakaf; baitulmal; islamic economicsDetails
Ahmad Bin Jusohquality management; operation managementDetails
Ahmad Fadhil Bin Yusofinformation system adoption; information system acceptance; information system continuanceDetails
Ahmad Fauzi Bin Ismailmembrane technology; gas separation; reverse osmosis; ultrafiltration; nanofiltrationDetails
Ahmad Johari Bin Sihescurriculum development and higher educationDetails
Ahmad Khairi Bin Abd Wahabcoastal engineering; climate change; tsunami; mangrovesDetails
Ahmad Kilan @ Ahmad Kilani Bin Mohamedakidah; tasawuf; tasawur islamDetails
Ahmad Kueh Beng Hongfiber composite thermo-mechanics; bioinspired structures and materials; structural dynamicsDetails
Ahmad Muhsin Bin Ithninmechanical design; internal combustion engine; emulsion fuelDetails
Ahmad Nazri Bin Muhamad Ludingis; remote sensing; land use planningDetails
Ahmad Rahman Bin Songipinnovation managementDetails
Ahmad Ridhwan Bin Wahapartificial intelligence; pattern recognition; image processing; and computer visionDetails
Ahmad Shahidan Bin AbdullahtelecommunicationDetails
Ahmad Shamsul Izwan Bin Ismailpetroleum engineering & flow assuranceDetails
Ahmad Sharmi Bin Abdullahoptical telecommunication devices; photonic devices; sol-gelDetails
Ahmad Zahran Bin Md. Khudzaribiofluid mechanics; heart assist device; ventricular assist device; biomechanics; biomedical engineeringDetails
Aini Suzana Binti AriffinpolicyDetails
Aini Zuhra Binti Abdul Kadirvirtual machining; machining simulation; step-nc; ergonomicsDetails
Ainullotfi Bin Abdul Latiffinite elements; aircraft structures; structural analysis; compositesDetails
Ainur Zaireen Binti Zainudinland administration and development; gated community; guarded neighbourhood; sustainable development; safe cityDetails
Aishah Bt Abd. Jaliladvanced materials for photocatalysis & adsorptionDetails
Aisyah Binti Ahmad Shafiimplant; finite element analysis; sensor; graphene; memsDetails
Aizuddin Bin Supeengv; eor; materials; solar cellsDetails
Aizul Nahar Bin Harunthe internet of things; environmental management; disaster management; building information modelingDetails
Ajune Wanis Binti Ismailaugmented reality; virtual reality; interactive graphicsDetails
Akbariah Binti Mohd Mahdzirpsychometrics; measurement & evaluation; otec; social science; management of technology & innovationDetails
Akmaliza Binti Abdullahreligion; islamic civilization; malay world; women studiesDetails
Alex Sim Tze Hiangdata mining; artificial intelligence; information systemsDetails
Ali Bin Selamatsoftware engineering; machine learning; information retrievals; computational intelligence; software agentsDetails
Ali Hassan Bin Mohamed Muridcomputational complex analysis; complex analysisDetails
Ali Keyvanfarsustainable construction; decision sciences; nd construction modeling; energy behaviour; construction materialDetails
Alias Bin Mohd Noorturbomachinery; bio-medical engineering; cardiac analysis; turbocharger; bio-fuel technologyDetails
Alice Sabrina Binti Ismailarchitecture history and theory; politics and architecture; islamic architecture; mosque design; communal architectureDetails
Alina Binti Wagiranplant tissue culture; plant transformationDetails
Alvin Lau Meng Shinremote sensing; image processing; hyperspectralDetails
Amat Sairin B. Demunhydraulics engineeringDetails
Amidora Binti Idrisbrain science; topology; pure mathematicsDetails
Aminabibi Binti Satanihpy@Saidalvielt methodology; online integrated language learning; online classroom interaction analysis; oral communication skills; second lDetails
Aminah Binti Md Yusofreal estate; housing; project management; post-graduate managementDetails
Aminaton Bte Martogeotechnical engineering; soft clay; tunnelingDetails
Aminatuzuhariah Bte Megat Abdullahbuilding sustainabilityDetails
Aminuddin Bin Ruskamislamic studies; syariah; islamic jurisprudence; islamic criminal law; islamic law in malaysiaDetails
Aminuddin Bin Saatcombustion; heat transfer; thermodynamicsDetails
Aminudin Bin Haji Abuvibration and noise controlDetails
Aminudin Bin Hehsanislamic educationDetails
Amirjan Bin Nawabjanphotovoltaics; photonics; nanofabricationDetails
Amirmudin Bin Udineducational ergonomics; structural equation model; product design and innovationDetails
Amran Bin Ayobpressure vessel designDetails
Amran Bin Md. Raslihuman resource management; service quality; performance measurement; technology managementDetails
Anati Bte Aliboundary layer flow; keller-box methodDetails
Anazida Binti Zainalcomputer security; machine learning; computer networkDetails
Ani Bin Shabriartificial intelligence and time seriesy analysisDetails
Ani Bte Idrismembrane fabrication; advanced bioprocess separation; fermentationDetails
Anita Binti Ahmadembedded computing; medical imaging; biomedical instrumentationDetails
Aniza Bt. commercialization; informal entrepreneurship; student entrepreneurshipDetails
Anuar Bin Ahmadphotogrammetry; geoinformation; geomatic engineering; remote sensing; geographical information system (gis)Details
Anwar Bin Joharidept. of chemical engineering; faculty of chemical engineeringDetails
Aqeel Khanpsychology; educationDetails
Aqilah Leela T.NarayananphysiotherapyDetails
Ardiyansyah Bin Syahromcancellous bone; trabecular bone; permeability; porous structure; biomechanicsDetails
Arezou Shafaghattransportation planning; urban design and planning; decision makingDetails
Arham Bin Abdullahconstruction management; it application in construction; building demolition; structural demolition; demolitionDetails
Arieff Salleh Bin Rosmanislamic studies; fiqh islamicDetails
Arifah Binti Baharprobability and stochastic process; statistical modelling; stochastic differential equation; stochastic dynamicsDetails
Ariffin Bin Samsuripetroleum engineeringDetails
Ariva Sugandi Permanaurban planning; environmental sustainability; energyDetails
Arizu Bin Sulaimananalysis and design of steel structuresDetails
Arnidza Binti Ramlioptical communication system; free space opticsDetails
Arshad Bin Ahmadprocess modeling; process safety; process control & optimization; process intensification; hydrogen & fuel cellDetails
Asha Hasnimy Binti Mohd Hashimsports science; public healthDetails
Aslan B. Amat Senintechnology and innovation managementDetails
Asnida Binti Abdul Wahabmedical thermography; medical devices and diagnostic; medical image processingDetails
Asnul Dahar Bin Minghatsustainability in tveDetails
Asrul Izam Bin Azmioptical fiber; optical sensorsDetails
Awaluddin Bin Mohamed Shaharounmanufacturing; remanufacturing; management; industrial engineering; supply chainDetails
Awang Bin Jusohpower electronics; energy conversion; renewable energyDetails
Awis Rumaisya Binti Azizancorpus linguistics; discourse analysis; vocabulary learningDetails
Azanizawati Bt Ma'aramsupply chain management; performance measurement; industrial engineeringDetails
Azari Bin Mat Yasirarchitecture educationDetails
Azeman Mustafacombustion; membrane gas separation technology; cfdDetails
Azhar Bin Abdul Azizinternal combustion engine; automotiveDetails
Azhar Bin Khairuddinpower system assessment; deregulated systemDetails
Azila Bte Abd. Azizfirst interest; second interestDetails
Azizah Binti Abdul Rahmaninformation systems; green it; social mediaDetails
Azizah Bt Rajabapplied linguistics; second language research; self-esteem/anxiety/motivation; teacher trainingDetails
Azizah Bte Abdul Manafimage processing; multimedia security; computer forensicsDetails
Azizul Bin Azizanestimation theory; adaptive filtering; signal processing for communication cellular communication; embedded computing pervasiveDetails
Azlan Bin Abdul Latibgeneric skills; employability skills; soft skills; technical and vocational education; special need trainingDetails
Azlan Bin Abdul Rahmanbridge engineering; forensic engineering; structural health monitoring; non-destructive testingDetails
Azlan Bin Adnanearthquake engineeringDetails
Azlan Bin Mohd Zainmachining; soft computing; artificial neural network; modeling; optimizationDetails
Azlina Bt. Mohd Kosnineducational psychology; child developmentDetails
Azlineer Bt Sariphuman resource management; hrisDetails
Azmahani Binti Abdul Azizwater engineering; education for sustainable development; student centre learning; engineering educationDetails
Azman Bin Abd Samadplant biotechnology- tissue culture - secondary metabolitesDetails
Azman Bin Ariffingeographical information science; sustainable urban developmentDetails
Azman Bin Hassanpolymer nanocomposites; graphene; polymer blends; flame retardancy; biocompositesDetails
Azman Bin Kassimslope engineering; unsaturated soil mechanics; instrumentation; soil propertiesDetails
Azman Bin Mohamedconcrete block pavement; pavement engineering; highway engineeringDetails
Azmi Bin Ariswater treatment; wastewater; advanced oxidation processes; biogranulationDetails
Azmi Bin Hassandefense and international relationDetails
Aznah Binti Nor Anuarenvironmental engineeringDetails
Aznizam Bin Abu Bakarnatural fiber polymer compositesDetails
Azura Binti Hamzahphotonics; fiber optic communicationsDetails
Azurah Bte A Samahoperations management; discrete event modelling; soft computing; image processingDetails
Baderul Hisham Bin Ahmadpre-stressed concrete; reinforced concrete; vibration; modal testing; bridgeDetails
Badlihisham Bin Mohd Nasirdakwah and islamic movementsDetails
Baharin Bin AbueducationDetails
Baharin Bin Ahmadremote sensing; geomatic; gis and photogrammetryDetails
Baharuddin Bin Arismultimedia; e-learning; m-learningDetails
Batiah Binti Mahadistrategy formulation; internet entrepreneurshipDetails
Bushrah Binti Basironreligion; comparative religion; women issuesDetails
Camallil Bin Omarelectronics; medical electronicsDetails
Chai Chang Sa'arconstruction project management; building information modelingDetails
Chan Weng Howeartificial intelligence; bioinformatics; machine learning; computational biology; intelligent systemsDetails
Chau Loon Waiurban design; low carbon society; space syntaxDetails
Che Lokman Bin Jaafarmathematical logic; analysisDetails
Che Ros Bin Ismailhighway materials; traffic and transportation; engineering surveyDetails
Che Rozid Bin Mamatelectron spin resonance spectroscopy; liquid crystalsDetails
Cheng Kian Kaimetabolomics; systems biologyDetails
Chong Aik Shyegeophysic; geology; petroleum engineering; enhanced oil recovery; chemical engineeringDetails
Chong Cheng Tungbiofuels; spray combustion; gas turbine; spray; diesel engineDetails
Choong Weng Waienergy management; social marketingDetails
Chua Lee Suanmetabolite profiling & fingerprinting; natural product research; honey & honeybee research; enzyme reactionDetails
Chua Tien Hanpropagation; mobile communication; location tracking; 5g; millimeter waveDetails
Cik Suhaimi Bin Yusofcomputer graphics - virtual environment - augmented reality - multimedia contentDetails
Corrienna Binti Abdul Talibinquiry; steam; chemistry/science educationDetails
Dalila Binti Mat Saidpower qualityDetails
Dayana Farzeeha Binti Alivisualisation; design and development of educational kit; technical and vocational education; creativity and innovation for vocDetails
Dayang Norulfairuz Binti Abang Zaidelfood technology; rheology; enzymeDetails
Dewi Fariha Binti Abdullahintellectual capital; audit; corporate governanceDetails
Dodo Yakubu Aminusustainability in architecture; green buildings and health issues; green buildings and information technologyDetails
Doris Toe Hooi Chyeepassive and low energy architecture; natural ventilation; thermal comfort; building energy efficiencyDetails
Dzulkifli Bin Awangindustrial design; innovation management; automotive styling; agricultural machinery design; furniture design.Details
Ebi Shahrin Bin Suleimanorganizational commitment; perceived organizational support; workplace spirituality and strategic managementDetails
Ebrahim Abouzari Lotfpolymer; membrane; fuel cell; vrfb; synthesisDetails
Edy Tonnizam Bin Mohamadtropical geoengineeringDetails
Eeydzah Binti Aminudinconstruction materials; sustainable material; urban heat island; heat transfer in buildingDetails
Eileen Su Lee Mingmedical simulator; virtual reality; robotic rehabilitation; motor learningDetails
Eka Sediadisolar energy in buildings; green architectureDetails
Eko Supriyantobiomedical engineering; electronics; management; computing; medicineDetails
Engku Mohammad Nazim Bin Engku Abu Bakardiamond coatingDetails
Eraricar Bt Sallehantimicrobial agent; bioprocess engineering; nanomaterials; food packaging; food processing and food engineeringDetails
Esah Bte Hamzahmetallurgy; corrosion; mic; oxidation; coatingDetails
Ezza Syuhada Binti Sazalimaterials; amorphous; nanoparticles; glass; surface plasmon resonanceDetails
Ezzat Chan Bin Abdullahpowder technology; thermal pollutionDetails
Fadhilah Binti Yusofapplied statisticsDetails
Faezah Binti Mohd Sallehbiodiversity monitoring. dna barcoding. stress signalling.Details
Fahrul Zaman Bin Huyopmolecular biology & microbiologyDetails
Fairuz Diyana Binti Ismailnanophotonics; plasma focusDetails
Faisal Abdulkarem Qasem Saeeddata mining; information retrieval and chemoinformaticsDetails
Faizah Bt Mohamad NorlanguageDetails
Faizah Bte Abd. GhanicounselingDetails
Faizal Yamimi Bin Mustaffamall; mobile assisted language learning; vocabulary learning; quranic arabic learningDetails
Faizani Bin Mohd Noorphysics; glasses; tellurite glassesDetails
Fara Diva Binti Mustapaconstruction economics; economic measures; transaction economicsDetails
Farahwahida Binti Mohd Yusofislamic studies; theology & islamic thoughtDetails
Farediah Bt Ahmadnatural products chemistry and organic synthesisDetails
Farhan Bin Mohamedcomputing; data visualizationDetails
Farhana Diana Binti Derissla; online esl teaching and learning; online communities; e-practicesDetails
Farid Bin Zubiractive microwave circuits; active integrated antennas; reflectarray antennasDetails
Farid Nasir Bin Haji Anifuels; carbonaceous solid waste thermal conversion; sustainable and renewable energy and materials research.Details
Faridah Bte Hussinpower systemsDetails
Farrah Merlinda Binti Muharamentrepreneurship; investment analysis; real options; strategic management; corporate social responsibilityDetails
Fatimah Binti Salimpower quality; power system analysis; voltage sag; voltage dip; harmonicsDetails
Fatimah Bt Putehcomputer assisted language learning; self-directed language learning; teacher training; oral communication; vocabulary learningDetails
Fatimah Sham Bt. Ismailoptimization; ai; process control & instrumentationDetails
Fatin Aliah Phang Binti AbdullaheducationDetails
Fauzan Bin Ahmadfiber laser; optical sensorDetails
Fauzan Khairi Bin Che Harungas sensor; biosensor; electronic nose; electronic mucosa; bio instrumentationDetails
Fauziah Bt Rajivaluation; privatisation and ipDetails
Fauziah Bt. Ismailelt; qualitative reserach; language teacher educationDetails
Fauziah Bte Kasimunsaturated soil mechanics; slope stability; seepage; soft clay soils; fill embankmentDetails
Fazila Binti Mohd Zawawirotor aeroelasticity; fluid-structure interaction; micro air vehicles; flexible rotorblade structural dynamicsDetails
Fazrena Nadia Binti Md Akhircancer immunology; cancer biologyDetails
Foziah Binti Joharurban planning; development controlDetails
Fuaada Bt Mohd Siammathematical modelling; population dynamicsDetails
Fuziah Binti Ismailconstruction management and technologyDetails
Ganesan A/L Krishnanlaser and photonicsDetails
Ganthan A/L Narayana Samyinformation security risk management; healthcare information system security and information security policy.Details
Ghazali Bin Bunarilanguage games in the classroomDetails
Gobi Krishna A/L Sinniahurban and regional planning; low carbon society; social impact assessment; transportation planningDetails
Goh Kian Mauextremophile; protein engineering; enzymology; genomic; meta genomicDetails
Goh Pei Seannanomaterials; membrane technology; wastewater treatment; gas separationDetails
Gurupiah Mursibarchitectural regionalism; architectural heritage; sustainable design; energy efficiencyDetails
Habibollah Bin Haronsoft computingDetails
Hadafi Fitri Bin Mohd Latipsports technology; sports rehabilitation; sports scienceDetails
Hadi Nurmaterials science and catalysis researchDetails
Hadijah Binti Jaffrigiftedness; scholarship of teaching and learning; educational psychologyDetails
Hadina Bt Habilenglish for specific purposes; business communication; discourse analysis; language and communicationDetails
Hafiza Binti Abasaugmented reality; reading disabilities; educational technologyDetails
Hafizah Bt Harunsport science; science and islam; biomechanics and sportDetails
Hafizal Bin Yahayathin film growth; semiconductor nano-structure gas sensor and biosensor; microelectromechanical systems (mems)Details
Hairi Bin Zamzuriartificial intelligence; vehicle dynamic; railway vehicle; autonomous vehicle; vehicle suspension designDetails
Hairudin Bin Abdul Majidwarranty; maintenance; delay time; preventive maintenance; simulationDetails
Hairul Nizam Bin Ismailurban & regional planning; tourism planningDetails
Hajar Binti AliasnanofluidsDetails
Halim Shah Bin Hamzahsustainable manufacturing; remanufacturing; operations management; lean manufacturing; supply chain strategyDetails
Halimaton Bt Hj Hamdancatalysis; zeolite and microporous materials; solid state nmrDetails
Haliyana Binti Khalidsocial computing. human computer interaction; management information systemsDetails
Haliza Bt Abd Rahmanenvironment and development; environment policy and law; public involvement in environmental issues; environmental healthDetails
Hamdan Bin Saidhigher educationDetails
Hamdani Bin Saidifuel cell technology; membrane technology; renewable energy; hydrogen fuel; pyrolysis processesDetails
Hamid Bin Saadurbanisation and rural developmentDetails
Hamidah Bt Abdul Rahmansociology; anthropology; counseling; motivation; human resouce developmentDetails
Hamidah Bte Ahmadlandscape architecture; conservation studies; green roof; environmental psychologyDetails
Hamimah Binti Abu Naimeducational measurement and evaluation; educational psychologyDetails
Hamisan Bin Rahmatnumerical analusisDetails
Hamizah Liyana Binti Tajul Ariffinconstruction contract; construction procurement; disputes minimisationDetails
Hapriza Bt Ashariemployment law; industrial relations; commercial lawDetails
Harcharanjit Singh A/L Mahinder Singhsocial scienceDetails
Haris Ahmad Bin Israr Ahmadcomposite structures; finite element modeling; aeronautical structuresDetails
Haryati Binti Jamaluddinprotein crystallography; protein scienceDetails
Haryati Binti Yaacobhighway engineeringDetails
Hasanan Bin Md Norhighway engineering; highway materials; pavement; concrete block pavementDetails
Hasanuddin Bin Lamitarchitecture; landscape architecture; urban designDetails
Hashim B. Hassanmembrane technologyDetails
Hashim Fauzy Bin YaacobcommunicationDetails
Hasimah Bte Abdul Rahmangcpv optimum system sizing and energy managementDetails
Haslaile Binti Abdullahbiosignal; machine learning; sleep and mental disorderDetails
Haslina Binti Md. Sarkanimage processing; green technology; software project managementDetails
Haslinda Binti Mohamed Kamarautomotive air-conditioning system; thermal comfort & energy efficiency in hot climates; indoor air quality (iaq); computationalDetails
Hasmerya Binti Maarofcomputational chemistry; molecular modelling; solid state; crystal prediction; molecular dynamicsDetails
Hasnah Binti Mohamedcognitive styles; computer assisted instruction; software evaluationDetails
Hasnah Bt Mohd Siratnatural products chemistry; organic synthesis; biomolecular chemistry; organic spectroscopyDetails
Hasrinah Binti HasbullahmembraneDetails
Haswadi Bin Hasanimage processing; pattern recognitionDetails
Hayati @ Habibah Binti Abdul Talibquality management; quality assurances; food industry; small and medium enterprise; business managementDetails
Hayati Bte Abdullahthermodynamics; air conditioning; energy audit; energy managementDetails
Haza Nuzly Bin Abdull Hamedcomputational intelligenceDetails
Hazilah Bte Mad Kaidichannel coding; error control in wireless systemsDetails
Hazimah Bt Abdul HamidmathematicsDetails
Hazinah Binti Kutty Mammiauthentication; security management; digital forensics; computer networks; engineering educationDetails
Hazlan Bin Abdul HamidstructuresDetails
Hazlina Binti Selamatcontrol engineering; system identification; optimizationDetails
Hazri Bin Bakhtiarmicroelectronics; optoelectronic devicesDetails
Hazrina Binti Haja Bava Mohidinhistory and architectural theory; politics and architecture; architecture of power and national identity; malaysian architectureDetails
Hazzirah Izzati Binti Mat Hassimgroup theoryDetails
Hema Rosheny Binti Mustafatesl; call; social media communication; qualitative researchDetails
Henry Nasutionair conditioning; artificial intelligent; two phase flow; hvac; automotive technology; heating, ventilation, and air conditioningDetails
Herlina Binti Abdul Rahimsensor technologies; artificial intelligent; system identification...Details
Herman Bin Wahidartificial intelligence; neural networks; metamodel; modelling and control; air quality modelDetails
Hesham Ali Metwally Ali El-Enshasymicrobiology; industrial biotechnology; fermentation; mammalian cells; mushroomDetails
Hirofumi HaramicrobioolgyDetails
Hiroshi Nakanishicancer biology - head and neck cancer - oral cancerDetails
Hishammuddin Bin Asmuni @ Hasmuniartificial intelligence; optimization; biometricsDetails
Hishamuddin Bin Mohd Aliproperty management; asset management strategy; real estate investment and financeDetails
Ho Wai Shinchemical engineering; process system engineering; pinch analysis; optimizationDetails
Husni Hani Jameela Binti Sapingioptics; laser technologyDetails
Hussin Bin Salamonislamic economics; banking and finance; islamic stock marketsDetails
Huszalina Binti HussinbiotechnologyDetails
Ibrahim @ Atan Bin Sipanvaluation; geographic information system (gis) application; property investment and real estate market researchDetails
Ida Idayu Bt. Muhamadbioparticle technology; food & biomaterial eng.; active packaging; controlled release &drug delivery systemDetails
Ilya Khairanis Binti Othmansediment transport; swash; dam breakDetails
Intan Zaurah Binti Mat Darusactive vibration control; genetic algorithm; neural network; fuzzy logic; swarm algorithmDetails
Irina Safitri Zenenvironmental management; waste management; sustainabilityDetails
Iskandar Shah Bin Ishakaerodynamic; wind tunnel testingDetails
Ismail Bin Ariffinmedical image processingDetails
Ismail Bin Mohamadapplied statisticsDetails
Ismail Bin Saidchilden's environment; urban greening; wood carvingDetails
Issham Bin Ismaildrilling and petroleum production engineeringDetails
Istas Fahrurrazi Bin Nusyirwanevolutionary programming; aircraft trajectory optimization; pursuit-evasionDetails
Ivin Amri Bin Musliman3d gis; navigation; mobile gis; internet gis; gnss; geographic information system; global navigation satellite systemDetails
Izam Bin Kamisianic design; test and failure analysisDetails
Izman Bin Sudinprecision machining; surface modification; hard & brittle materials; implant materialsDetails
Izni Syahrizal Bin Ibrahimprecast concrete structures; materials in concrete; recycle construction materialsDetails
Jafariah Bt Jaafaranalytical chemistry; water qualityDetails
Jafri Bin Dinradio wave propagationDetails
Jafri Bin Mohd RohaniqualityDetails
Jalil Bin Aliphotonics; optoelectronics; optical solitonDetails
Jamal Aimi Bin Jamaludinurban planning; environmental study; transportation; geographical information system; remote sensing.Details
Jamaliah Bte Idrismaterials engineering; composite materials; coating technology and surface engineering; solar energy; water filtersDetails
Jamalludin B Harunweb based learning; social learning environment; personal learning environment; constructivist learning environments; higher orDetails
Jamaludin B Hj Mohd Taibcad; design; artificial intelligenceDetails
Jamaludin Bin Mohamad Yatimstructures and materials; structural analysis and design; advanced composites and biocomposites; engineering educationDetails
Jamaludin Yaakobconstruction contract and law; construction procurementDetails
Jamarosliza Binti Jamaluddinadhesives and coating; nanocompositesDetails
Jamilah Binti Ahmadpublic relations; corporate social responsibility; corporate communication; social media; environmental communicationDetails
Jasman Bin ZainalphysicsDetails
Jasrul Jamani Bin Jamianmeta-heuristic; distributed generation; smart grid; voltage stability indexDetails
Jaw Siow Weiunderground utility survey; ground penetrating radar applications; remote sensing; digital image processing; surveying and mappDetails
Jihad Mohammad Dhahi Al-Nusairatob; hr; ot; rm; semDetails
Jimaain Bin Safarislamic education; islamic studies; instrument development of akhlak; islamic civilizationDetails
Joazaizulfazli Bin Jamalischemistry; organic chemistry; synthesis; scienceDetails
Johan Bin Mohamad Sharifnetwork; computer security; embedded system; bioinformatics; visualizationDetails
Johari Bin Kasimultrasound imagingDetails
Johari Bin Surifchemistry educationDetails
Johari Halim Shah Bin Osmanrobust control; large scale control systems; robotics; variable structure controlDetails
Joy Rizki Pangestu Djuansjahmaterials engineering; molecular dynamics; quasicrystals; materials simulationDetails
Juhana Binti Jaafarproton exchange membrane; direct methanol fuel cell; microbial fuel cell; polymer-inorganic membrane; nanocomposite ...Details
Juhazren Bin Junaidieducational technology; online learning & interactionDetails
Kahar Bin Osmancfd; heat transfer; biomechanicsDetails
Kamalahasan A/L Achuproperty valuation; client influence; property managementDetails
Kamalrulnizam Bin Abu Bakarwireless sensor network; mobile networking; computer securityDetails
Kamaludin Bin Mohamad Yusofwireless sensor networks; ranging; signal propagationDetails
Kamalularifin Bin Subariinstructional design tve; teaching aid; guided inquiryDetails
Kamariah Bte Ismailcommercialisation of technology; technopreneurship; entrepreneurship and smesDetails
Kamarizan Bin Kidamprocess safety; risk management; loss prevention; learning from accidentDetails
Kamarudin Bin Hj Ahmadgeotechnical engineeringDetails
Kamarudin Bin Kasimleadership; emotional competenceDetails
Kamarul Azlan Bin Mohd Nasirhydraulics and hydrologyDetails
Kamarul Azmi Bin Jasmiislamic education; family education; and akhlaq educationDetails
Kamaruzaman Bin Yusoffislamic studies; middle eastern studies; modern west asian studiesDetails
Kamaruzzaman Bin Abdul Rahimfinancial accounting and reportingDetails
Kamilah Bt. Haji Radin Salimengineering educationDetails
Kamilia Binti Kamardinantennas; wireless communication; wearable and body communication; metamaterials; internet-of-things (iot)Details
Kamyar Shamelipolymer nanocomposites; nanobiocomposites; nanomaterials; nanocatalyst; nanobiomaterials and tissue engineeringDetails
Kanao Fukudatribology; lapping; polishingDetails
Kang Hooi Siangocean engineeringDetails
Kasturi Devi A/P Kanniahcarbon cycle; terrestrial vegetation; atmospheric aerosolsDetails
Kenichi Yonedawaste management; incinerator; landfill; desulfurizationDetails
Khadijah Bt Daudleadership; knowledge management; teaching techniquesDetails
Khadijah Bt Hussinland law and policy; strata management; land economy; land administration and developmentDetails
Khairiah Bte Soehodoccupational safety and health; employment law; trade unionism; innovation; entrepreneurshipDetails
Khairil Anuar Bin Arshadmathematical modelling : neural network; fuzzy logicDetails
Khairil Juhanni Binti Abd Karimpolymer chemistry; organic chemistry; analytical chemistryDetails
Khairiyah Bte Mohd.Yusofengineering education; chemical process modeling; process control; artificial neural networkDetails
Khairul Anuar Bin Kassimexploration sciencesDetails
Khairul Anwar Bin Mohamed Khaidzirdesign; architecture; human behaviour; project management; cognitive scienceDetails
Khairul Hamimah Binti Abasimage processing; face recognition; thermal imaging; digital signal processing; tomographyDetails
Khairul Hisyam Bin Kamarudinrural transformation and development; orang asli; sustainable tourism; disaster risk managementDetails
Khairulnizam Bin M.Idrisindustrial surveying - deformation studies - uav photogrammetric - close-range measurementDetails
Khairulzan Bin Yahyaconstruction management; project managementDetails
Khairur Rijal Bin Jamaludinpowder metallurgy; metal injection molding; materials processing; quality; taguchi methodDetails
Khairuzilah Bt Khalillanguage teachingDetails
Khalida Binti Mudabiological wastewater treatmentDetails
Khalif Muammar Bin A Harrisislamic civilization; shariah; islamic thought; islamic political thought; malay studiesDetails
Khalil Bin Md Nortechnology acceptance; e-commerce; knowledge managementDetails
Khamarrul Azahari Bin Razakgeospatial intelligent; geomatics; geomorphology; landslides; topographic laser scanning systemDetails
Kherun Nita Bte Alibuilding information modelling; it in construction; knowledge management; facilities management; quantity surveyingDetails
Khidzir Bin Zakariaadditive manufacturing; manufacturing; rapid prototyping; cad/cam; computer-aided design; computer-aided manufacturingDetails
Koh Kho Kingship maneuvering; ship design; ship resistance and poweringDetails
Koh Meng Hocknuclear physics; nuclear structure; skyrme hartree-fock; nuclear fissionDetails
Koichiro Mashikoembedded system; memory devices; lsi circuitDetails
Kumeresan A/L A.Danapalasingamcontrol engineering; autonomous vehicle; hybrid electric vehicle; artificial intelligenceDetails
Lai Jau Choybiopolymers; compositesDetails
Lau Kwan Yiewhigh voltage engineering; dielectric materials; renewable energy systems.Details
Lau Woei Jyemembrane; thin film nanocomposite; reverse osmosis; nanofiltration; water/wastewater purificationDetails
Lee Chew Tinenvironmental engineering; solid waste; compostingDetails
Lee Siew Lingcatalysis; advanced materials; nanotechnologyDetails
Lee Ting Hunbiochemical engineering; food processing engineering; swiftlet; edible bird's nestDetails
Lee Yoke Laiurban history; cultural landscape; heritage conservation; landscape architecture; history geographyDetails
Lekha A/P Kunju Pillai Laxmanconservation of biodiversity; environmental protection; intellectual property protection; biotechnology applications; biosafety & biosecurityDetails
Leow Chee Yencommunication theory; mimo; cooperative communications; convex optimisation; physical layer securityDetails
Leow Pei Lingelectrichemical detection; microfluidic devices; lab on chip; instrumentation; mechatronics and controlDetails
Libriati Binti Zardastistructural analysis; risk assessmentDetails
Liew Peng Yenpinch analysis; total site; process integration; energy savings; renewable energyDetails
Lily Suriani Binti Mohd Arifcommunication; internet use; social capital...Details
Lim Cheng Siongembedded system; artificial intelligence; emergency medical services; telerobotics; multi agent systemDetails
Lim Jeng Shiunresource conservation; optimization; process integration; pinch analysisDetails
Lim Meng Heevibration analysis; machinery fault diagnosis; maintenance engineering; acousticDetails
Lim Yaik Wahsustainable architecture; building performance and simulation; building information modellingDetails
Liza Bte Abdul Latiffmobile ad hoc networking; wsn and mobility managementDetails
Lizawati Binti Mi Yusufparallel computing; business intelligence; numerical analysis; social learningDetails
Lokman Bin Mohd Tahirschool leadership and principalshipDetails
Lukman Hakim Bin Ismailhealthcare technology management; patient safety; human factorDetails
Ma Chau Khunstructural engineering; finite element analysisDetails
Madihah Binti Md Rasidrenewable energy; distributed generation; optimizationDetails
Madihah Binti Md Sallehbiotechnology; biorefinery technologyDetails
Madzlan Bin Azizelectrochemical materialsDetails
Mahadhir Bin Mohamedbiodiesel; glycerol; reaction engineering; catalystDetails
Mahadi Bin Bahariit innovation : implementation; case study research; grounded theoryDetails
Mahani Bte MokhtareducationDetails
Maheyzah Binti Sirat @ Md Sirajinformation security; alert correlation; intrusion detection; machine learning; soft computingDetails
Maheza Irna Binti Mohamad Salimbiomedical imaging instrumentation; medical imaging; artificial intelligenceDetails
Mahmood Bin Md Tahirmedicinal chemistry; bioinorganic chemistryDetails
Mahmud Bin Mohd Jusanarchitecture; behavior; environment; person environment congruenceDetails
Mahyuddin Bin Arsatengineering educationDetails
Maimunah Bt Saprireal estate studies and behavioral approach in facilities managementDetails
Maisarah Binti Mohamed Saatethics; accounting; business ethics; ethics educationDetails
Maizah Hura Bt Ahmadstatistics; time series and forecastingDetails
Maizaitulaidawati Binti Md Husinislamic banking and finance; takaful; islamic economics; islamic marketing and consumer behaviourDetails
Maizon Bte Hashimprocurement system; construction contractDetails
Majid Bakhtiaricryptography; mobile security; wireless security; project management; key managementDetails
Malsiah Binti Hamidenvironmental design; green design; sustainability design; architectural educationDetails
Mansoureh Ebrahimiiranian history; persian language and literature; islamic studiesDetails
Mariam Firdhaus Binti Mad Nordinbioprocessing; product quality; downstream process; agricultural wasteDetails
Mariani Binti Abdul Hamidbiotechnology; chemical engineering; cosmeceutical; cell culture technologyDetails
Mariani Bt. Idroasprocess tomography; tomographic imaging; instrumentationDetails
Marina Binti Md Arshadoptical burst switching; computer networkDetails
Mariyana Aida Binti Ab. Kadirstructures; construction materials; earthquake; fire safetyDetails
Marlia Binti Putehhigher education policy; engineering education; electronic learning; english language studiesDetails
Marlina Binti Aliphysics educationDetails
Marwan Hadri Bin Azmicoding theory; information theory; wireless communications; cooperative communications; mimo systemDetails
Mas Bambang Barotostrategic management; management; and leadershipDetails
Masine Bte Md Tapindustrial engineeringDetails
Masitah Binti Ghazalihuman-computer interaction; interaction design; usabilityDetails
Masleeyati Bt YusopcompositesDetails
Maslin Bte Masrominformation technology management; information systemsDetails
Masputeriah Bte Hamzahenglish for specific purposesDetails
Mastura Binti Ab Wahidguidance; navigationa and control; nonlinear theoryDetails
Mastura Binti Mahfarcounselling and psychologyDetails
Mastura Shafinaz Binti Zainal Abidinsemiconductor; electronics; material growthDetails
Mat Naim Bin Abdullah @ Mohd Asmoniconstruction; quality; quality management; facilities managementDetails
Mat Uzir B. Wahitpolymer composites and nanocomposites; biomaterials and biodegradable polymerDetails
Maziah Binti Mohamadswarm intelligence; optimisation; vibration control; flexible stuctureDetails
Mazlan Bin Abdul Wahidcombustion; energy; heat transfer; turbulence; high speed combustionDetails
Mazlan Bin Hashimsatellite digital image processing & analysisDetails
Mazleena Bte Sallehcomputer security; chaosDetails
Maznah Bte Kamatmanets; sensor networks; vanets; networkDetails
Mazura Binti Mat Dincomputational intelligence; machine learning; computational engineeringDetails
Mazura Bt Jusohprogressive freeze concentrationDetails
Md Mizanur Rahmanenergy economics; renewable energyDetails
Md Pauzi Bin Abdullahenergy management; electricity market; power systemsDetails
Md Rahim Bin Saharglass and ceramics materialsDetails
Md Supar Bin Rohaniglass ceramics; single crystal growth; non destructive testingDetails
Md. Afendi Bin M. Yusufprocess system design control and automationDetails
Md. Asri Bin Ngadinetwork & securityDetails
Md. Maniruzzaman Bin A.Azizhighway and transportation engineering; microwave engineeringDetails
Md. Nizam Bin Dahalanapplied aerodynamics; rocket body design; uav; flow control technologyDetails
Md. Sah Bin Hj. Salamspeech and pattern recognition; artificial intelligentDetails
Megat Aman Zahiri B Megat Zakariaict; educational technology; database management systemDetails
Megat Johari Bin Megat Mohd Noormembrane separation; coagulation & flocculation; water & waste treatment; engineering educationDetails
Mehdi Moeinaddinisustainable transportation and urban planningDetails
Michael Tan Loong Pengdevice modeling; mosfet; carbon nanotubes; graphene nanoribbon; hspiceDetails
Mimi Haryani Binti Hassiminherent occupational health - inherent safety - sustainable process development - multicriteria decision making - eng eduDetails
Minoru Yamadaopto-electronics; quantum electronics; semiconductor lasers; optical amplifierDetails
Miswan @ Abdul Hakim Bin Mohammedfacilities management; construction strategic management; quality management; project managementDetails
Mitra Binti Mohd Addibiomedical engineering; biosensor; bioinstrumentationDetails
Mohamad Amir Bin Shamsudinautonomous robotics; surveillance vehicle; nonlinear system modelling and control; soft computing optimization techniqueDetails
Mohamad Bin Bilal Alipersonalized learning; mobile learning; e-learningDetails
Mohamad Hafis Izran Bin Ishakhuman adaptive mechatronics; advanced mechatronics; flexible manipulator; drone; disaster managementDetails
Mohamad Hidayat Bin Jamalcoastal; sediment transport; beach morphology; hydraulics; river hydrodynamicsDetails
Mohamad Kamal B. A. Rahimrf; microwaves; antennas; metamaterial; electromagnetic band gapDetails
Mohamad Kasim Bin Abdul Jalilcad; engineering visualization; virtual reality; driving simulation; engineering design methodologyDetails
Mohamad Rijal Bin Hamidrf devicesDetails
Mohamad Roji Bin Sarmidibioprocessing; nutrition; metabolomicDetails
Mohamad Shukri Bin Abdul Manafsystem automation; instrumentation; sensorDetails
Mohamad Shukri Bin Zainal Abidinmagister teknologi informasiDetails
Mohamad Syazli Bin Fathiconstruction informatics; construction management; programme management; context-aware computing; disaster managementDetails
Mohamad Wijayanuddin Bin Aliinstitute of hydrogen economyDetails
Mohamad Zaki Bin Hassancomposite; impactDetails
Mohamed Afendi Bin Mohamed Piahhigh voltage engineering; electrical insulation; electrical discharges; electrical power engineeringDetails
Mohamed Azlan Bin Suhotcomposite; materials engineeringDetails
Mohamed Mahmoud El-Sayed Naseffunctional polymeric materials for energy and environmental applicationsDetails
Mohamed Najib Bin Abdul Ghafarmeasurement and evaluation; higher education; education and developmentDetails
Mohamed Rashid Bin Embiarchitecture design; caad; computer-aided architectural designDetails
Mohamed Ruslan Bin Abdullahcomposite materialsDetails
Mohamed Sukri Bin Mat Aliaerodynamics; aeroacoustics; wind engineeringDetails
Mohamed Sultan Bin Mohamed Alimems; nems; microrobotics; biomedical devices and energy harvesterDetails
Mohammad Ahmad Bin Drs Nasruluser interface usability cultureDetails
Mohammad Ali Tareqfinance and accounting; real estate finance; asset pricing; expected return; cash flowDetails
Mohammad Bin Ismailconcrete technology; concrete durability; corrosion; sustainable construction materialsDetails
Mohammad Hussaini Bin Wahabarchitecture; architecture planning; urban planning; urban design; urban developmentDetails
Mohammad Nazir Bin Ahmad @ Sharifontology; knowledge management; enterprise systemsDetails
Mohammad Nazri Bin Mohd Jaafarenvironment; combustion; burner; gas turbine; emission reductionDetails
Mohammad Rafee Bin Majidenvironmental planning & gisDetails
Mohammad Yusri Bin Hassanderegulated power system; transmission pricing; energy efficiency; renewable energyDetails
Mohammad Zakri Bin Tarmidigeographic information system; gis; spatial data infrastructures; sdi; community based gisDetails
Mohammadamin Azimiconcrete & steel structures; earthquake engineering; material engineering; finite element simulation; constructionDetails
Mohammadreza Vafaeieearthquake engineering; structural health monitoringDetails
Mohammed Rafiq Bin Abdul Kadirbiomechanics and biomaterialsDetails
Mohd Adham Bin Isasoftware quality; software designDetails
Mohd Afzan Bin Othmanelectrophysiology signal analysis (ecg & eeg); medical electronics; rehabilitation engineering; signal & image processingDetails
Mohd Aizaini Bin Maarofimage forgery; network security; data analysis; data science for social goodDetails
Mohd Al'ikhsan Bin Ghazalihadith; islamic studiesDetails
Mohd Amri Bin Md. Yunusoptical tomography; wireless sensing; artificial neural network; instrumentation; sensing technologyDetails
Mohd Ariff Bin Admonfree boundary problem; mathematical modelling; numerical analysisDetails
Mohd Ariffanan Bin Mohd Basriadaptive and robust control; applied soft computing; applied artificial intelligence; unmanned system; renewable energy systemDetails
Mohd Asmadi Bin Mohammed Yussufbiomass; gasification; pyrolysis; ionic liquid; bioplasticDetails
Mohd Ayub Bin Sulongcomputational mechanics; experimental mechanics; finite element method; micro-computed tomography; tissue engineering scaffoldsDetails
Mohd Azhar Bin Abdul Razakdielectrophoresis; electronics instrumentation; image processingDetails
Mohd Azizi Bin Abdul Rahmanfunctional control system; rehabilitation and assistive mechatronics; system level modeling; sysmlDetails
Mohd Azizi Bin Che Yunussupercritical fluid extraction; separation process and chromatogram analysisDetails
Mohd Azlan Bin Suhaimicad/cam; cryogenic machining; tool condition monitoringDetails
Mohd Azraai Bin Kassimwater and wastewater engineering; membrane studies; afbr media studies; engineering education; student mobilityDetails
Mohd Azreen Bin Mohd Ariffinconcrete technology; civil engineering materials; concrete durabilityDetails
Mohd Azri Bin Mohd Izharwireless communications; source and channel coding; turbo and ldpc codingDetails
Mohd Azuwan Bin Mat Dzahirbio-science engineering and roboticsDetails
Mohd Badruddin Bin Mohd Yusofeia; social impact assessment; environmental planning; solid waste managementDetails
Mohd Bakri Bin Bakarchemistry; organic synthetic; porphyrinDetails
Mohd Fadli Bin Rahmatelectrical power systemDetails
Mohd Fairus Bin Mohd Yasincombustion; modelling; spray; biodieselDetails
Mohd Fairus Bin Mohd Yusoffantenna design; millimetre waves and microwave devices.Details
Mohd Faizal Bin Hasannew fuel; energyDetails
Mohd Farid Bin Mohd AriffphotogrammetryDetails
Mohd Farid Bin Muhamad Saidinternal combustion engine; engine performance & combustion tests; engine simulation analysis; spray droplet & particle characteDetails
Mohd Fauzi Bin Abu @ Hussinislamic political economy; middle eastern economicsDetails
Mohd Fauzi Bin Othmanintelligent system; power system control and stability; artificial intelligenceDetails
Mohd Firdaus Bin Abdul Wahabbiochemistry of heat shock protein 47 (hsp47); biorenewable energy generation; biodegradation of pollutantsDetails
Mohd Fitri Bin Mohd Yakubcontrol theory & application; advanced vehicle control; motion control system; modelling & simulationDetails
Mohd Fo'ad Bin Rohanipattern recognition; network securityDetails
Mohd Fua'ad Bin Rahmatsystem identification and estimation; process control instrumentation; sensor and actuator; process tomographyDetails
Mohd Hafiz Bin Putehwastewater treatmentDetails
Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan B. Othmanfuel cells; membrane technologiesDetails
Mohd Hafizi Bin Ahmadpartial discharges; nanodielectrics; electrical treeing; water treeing; plasma dischargesDetails
Mohd Haizal Bin Jamaluddinantenna design; rf; microwave; dra; dielectric resonator antennaDetails
Mohd Hamdan Bin Haji Ahmadsustainability in built environmentDetails
Mohd Haniff Bin Ibrahimphotonics devices; optical spectroscopic sensorDetails
Mohd Hanim Bin Osmanstructural engineeringDetails
Mohd Hatta Bin Mohammed Ariffvehicle dynamic; control systemDetails
Mohd Helmi Bin Sanianimal cell culture technology; microbioreactor; scale translation; antibody productionDetails
Mohd Hisyam Bin Rasidiurban landscape; regional environment systemDetails
Mohd Ibrahim Bin Shapiai@Abd.Razakbrain computer interface; machine learning; swarm optimizationDetails
Mohd Ibthisham Bin Ardanienergy storage; heat transfer; energy recoveryDetails
Mohd Ismail Bin Abd Azizoptimal control; optimization; internationalizationDetails
Mohd Ismail Bin Mustaridakwah & educationDetails
Mohd Ismid Bin Md Saidaquatic science; aquatic biology; environmental science; environmental engineering; water quality managementDetails
Mohd Johari Bin Kamaruddinchemical engineering; microwave processing; dielectric properties measurement; polymerisation of biodegradable polymerDetails
Mohd Junaidi Bin Abdul Azizinverter; rectifier; power electronics; battery; electric vehicleDetails
Mohd Kamaruddin Bin Abd Hamidenergy efficient chemical processes; integrated process design and control; process modeling; control; and optimizationDetails
Mohd Kameil Bin Abdul Hamidtribology; brake wear particles; brake noiseDetails
Mohd Khairi Bin Abu Husainprobabilistic response modelling (offshore engineering)Details
Mohd Khairul Idham Bin Mohd Satarhighway engineering; pavementDetails
Mohd Khata Bin Jaborbusiness education; entrepreneurship; technical education; vocational trainingDetails
Mohd Marsin Bin Sanaginanomaterials in separation science; chromatography and microextraction; pharmaceuticals; environmentalDetails
Mohd Nabil Bin Muhtazaruddinpower system; optimization; distributed generation; capacitor allocation; network reconfigurationDetails
Mohd Nadzri Bin Md Rebaremote sensingDetails
Mohd Najeb Bin Jamaludinbiomedical instrumentations; biomedical optics; physiological signalsDetails
Mohd Nasir Bin Ripinislamic studies; islamic thought and civilisation; islamic managementDetails
Mohd Nasir Bin Tamincomputational solid mechanics; fatigue and fracture mechanicsDetails
Mohd Naz'ri Bin Mahrinsoftware engineering; information security managementDetails
Mohd Nazri Bin Bajuribiomechanics; mechanobiologyDetails
Mohd Nazri Bin Kamasoftware engineering; software development; impact analysis; change estimationDetails
Mohd Nihra Haruzuan Bin Mohd Saideducational technologyDetails
Mohd Noor Azli Bin Ali Khaninternet financial reporting; accounting change and financial disclosureDetails
Mohd Nor Bin Mohamadfluid mechanics; wave motion; partial differential equations and mathematical biologyDetails
Mohd Norfian Bin Alifiahaccounting; financeDetails
Mohd Nur Asmawisham Bin Alelenvironmental geophysics; seismic risk; performance-based; communication engineeringDetails
Mohd Rashid Bin Mohd Yusofair resources science and engineeringDetails
Mohd Rashidi Bin Salimspectroscopic sensors; optical fibre sensors; optical sensorsDetails
Mohd Razak Bin Samingansoftware engineering; design pattern; component based software; application frameworkDetails
Mohd Ridza Bin Mohd Haniffahwater wave engineering; coastal and ocean engineering; fluid mechanicsDetails
Mohd Ridzuan Bin Ahmadmicro-nano system engineering; single cell analysisDetails
Mohd Rodhi Bin Sahidpower electronicsDetails
Mohd Rosli Bin Haininpavement engineering; highway engineering; civil engineeringDetails
Mohd Saberi Bin Tan Ah Chik @ Mohamadbioinformatics; computational biology; cancer informatics; cell factories; intelligent systemsDetails
Mohd Safarin Bin Nordintechnical and vocational education; visualization skills; instructional designDetails
Mohd Saidin Bin Misnanconstruction sociology; construction safety and facilities managementDetails
Mohd Salleh Bin Abumathematics education; engineering educationDetails
Mohd Sarofil Bin Abu Bakarurban landscape design; environmental community design and service learningDetails
Mohd Shafry Bin Mohd Rahimimage processing; computer graphics; multimedia data managementDetails
Mohd Shahidan Bin Abdullahinformation data hiding; steganography and watermarkingcond interestDetails
Mohd Shahir Shamsir Bin Omarbioinformatics; molecular dynamics simulations; biodiversity informatics; prionDetails
Mohd Shahizan Bin Othmaninformation retrieval and extraction; data mining; machine learning; social and e-learning; business intelligenceDetails
Mohd Shahrizal Bin Ruslinetwork-on-chip; wireless network-on-chip; low-power; energy managementDetails
Mohd Shahrizal Bin Sunarcomputer graphics; virtual environment; augmented reality; multimedia contentDetails
Mohd Shariff Bin Ammooaviation; helicopter technology; aircraft designDetails
Mohd Shoki Bin Md Ariffquality; marketing; strategic mgtDetails
Mohd Soperi Bin Mohd Zahidcomputer networksDetails
Mohd Tajudin Bin Md. Ninggalpersonality; career interest; counseling psychology; psychological testing; multicultural counselingDetails
Mohd Wazir Bin Mustafasmart grid; distributed generation; regulated & dereglated power system; renewable energyDetails
Mohd Yazid Bin Yahyacomposite structure; blast performance; composite pressure vesselDetails
Mohd Yunus Bin Abdullahmechanical vibrationDetails
Mohd Yunus Bin Ishakcivil engineeringDetails
Mohd Yusof Bin Md.Daudultrasonic; materials; manufacturing; engineering managementDetails
Mohd Yusoff Bin Senawibuilding energy simulationDetails
Mohd Zaki Bin Daudestimation techniques in electric drives; engineering educationDetails
Mohd Zaki Bin Kamsahmodeling and simulation; plant data integration; engineering education; curriculum designDetails
Mohd Zamri Bin Ramliearthquake; bridge; seismic; isolator; bearingDetails
Mohd Zarhamdy Bin Md. Zainmechatronics; control system; automation and roboticsDetails
Mohd Zolkifli Bin Abd Hamidtechnical education and vocational training; instructional supervisionDetails
Mohd Zulkifli Bin Mohd Yunusgeographic information system; geomatic engineering; gpsDetails
Mohd. Adib Bin Sarijarismart grid; communications; home area network; cognitive radioDetails
Mohd. Effandi Bin Yusoffislamic finance; finance; commercialization; technology managementDetails
Mohd. Fadhil Bin Md Dinenvironmental biotechnology and applied engineering in tropical conditionDetails
Mohd. Murtadha Bin Mohamadpervasive computing; motion planning; underwater wireless sensor networkDetails
Mohd. Shafie Bin Roslicognitive science; learning analytic; mobile applicationDetails
Mohsin Bin Mohd SiescombustionDetails
Mokhtar Harunroom acoustics; speech; speech intelligibilityDetails
Mona Riza Binti Mohd Esaatmospheric discharges; electromagnetic field and lightning measurementDetails
Morina Bte Abdullahengineering educationDetails
Mozhdeh Mokhberinnovation; leadership; management; organizational behaviorDetails
Muhalim Bin Mohamed Amincomputer networking; computer securityDetails
Muhamad Ali Bin Muhammad Yuzirenvironmental engineeringDetails
Muhamad Azizi Bin Mat Yajidnanomaterials; in-situ techniques; hard coatings; coatings for aerospace applications metallurgyDetails
Muhamad Hasbullah Bin Padzillahturbomachinery; turbocharger; computational fluid dynamicsDetails
Muhamad Kamal Bin Mohammed Aminemotion recognition machine learning big dataDetails
Muhamad Najib Bin Zakariafluid dynamics; theoretical physics; computational mathematics; finite difference methodDetails
Muhamad Noor Bin Harunimplant design; biotribology; product designDetails
Muhamad Uznir Bin Ujangurban pollutions; sustainable environmental urban development; 3d topological structure; 3d-gis; geoinformation scienceDetails
Muhamad Zameri Bin Mat Samansustainable manufacturing; sustainable product design; lean manufacturing; supply chain management; manufacturing systemDetails
Muhammad Abbas Bin Ahmad Zainisynthesis of activated carbon; dyes and heavy metals adsorptionDetails
Muhammad Abd Hadi Bin Bunyaminstem educationDetails
Muhammad Amir Bin As'aridigital image processing; machine learning; medical imaging; ubiquitous computingDetails
Muhammad Arif Bin Ab Azizheterogeneous solid acid-base catalysisDetails
Muhammad Asraf Mansorsingle cell analysis; micro/nano deviceDetails
Muhammad Azril Bin Hezmigeotechnical engineering; unsaturated soil; engineering education; sustainaibilityDetails
Muhammad Fathi Bin Yusofconstitutional law; election; islamic law; industrial relationsDetails
Muhammad Fauzee Bin Hamdanstatistics; functional data analysisDetails
Muhammad Firdaus Bin Haruntechnical debt; code smells; software metrics; agile; software project managementDetails
Muhammad Firdaus Bin Omarnanotechnology; thin filmDetails
Muhammad Haikal Satriatelemedicine; 802.11s; software engineeringDetails
Muhammad Hanif Bin Ramleebiomechanics & biomaterials; orthopaedic implant; finite element; biomedical design; rehabilitation engineeringDetails
Muhammad Hisyam Lee @ Lee Wee Yewstatistics; statistical process control; fuzzy time series; mobile ad hoc networksDetails
Muhammad Imzan Bin Hassancartography and maps visualization; geoinformation; 3d cadastreDetails
Muhammad Khair Bin Noordinproject-based learning; problem-based learning; engineering education; technical and vocational educationDetails
Muhammad Mun'im Bin Ahmad Zabidivideo coding; embedded systems; computer architectureDetails
Muhammad Nadzir Bin Marsonosystem-level design; network algorithmics; specialized architectures for network processing and data analyticsDetails
Muhammad Najib Bin Mohamed Razaliproperty investment; portfolio management; property economicsDetails
Muhammad Naqiuddin Bin Mohd Waridhighway material; cold mix asphalt; emulsion; stone mastic asphalt; thin overlayDetails
Muhammad Nasir Bin Ibrahimmicroprocessor; fpga; language processing; tomography; cordicDetails
Muhammad Nassir Bin HanapihydrologyDetails
Muhammad Noorul Anam Bin Mohd Norddinmembrane; fuel cell; petroleum engineeringDetails
Muhammad Ramlee Bin KamarudinantennasDetails
Muhammad Safwan Bin Abd Azizphotonics; laser; organic solar cell; nanotechnologyDetails
Muhammad Shafie Bin Abd Latiffcomputer networkDetails
Muhammad Sukri B Saudcurriculum design and development in technical and engineering educationDetails
Muhammad Yusof Bin Mohd Nooroptical fiber sensorDetails
Muhammad Zaly Shah Bin Muhammad Husseintransportation; logisticsDetails
Muhammad Zulkarnain Bin Abdul Rahmanremote sensingDetails
Muhd Nazrul Hisham Bin Zainal Alammicrobioreactor technology; process control & automation via labview; bioprocess on line monitoring; fermentation technologyDetails
Muhd Zaimi B. Abd Majidconstruction management; sustainable development; sustainable material; automation in constructionDetails
Mukhiddin Muminovanalysis; mathematical physicsDetails
Mukhlis Bin A Rahmanmembrane technology; ceramic membraneDetails
Musa Bin Mailahrobot control; mechatronics; intelligent systems; automation; modelling and simulationDetails
Musa Bin Mohd Mokjiimage processingDetails
Mushairry Bin Mustaffarclose range photogrammetry; structural monitoring; aerial mappingDetails
Mustafa Din Bin Subarignss; space policyDetails
Muzaffar Bin Zainal Abideenwater treatment; experimental designDetails
Muzani Bin Mustapapfi; knowledge management; facilities managementDetails
Nabila Bte Abdul Ghanitransportation planningDetails
Nadia Binti Adrusfunctional/smart polymer (hydrogel); advanced membrance functionalizationDetails
Nadiatulhuda Binti Zulkiflioptical networking; optical communication system; m-commerceDetails
Nafisa Binti Hosniurban planning; urban landscapeDetails
Nafisah Binti Abdul Rahimansustainable water resources management; rainwater harvesting; construction technologyDetails
Nahrul Khair Bin Alang Md Rashidinstrumentation and control; reactor engineering; intelligent systems; robotics; energyDetails
Naji Arafat Bin Haji Mahatforensic sciences; forensic biology; forensic entomology; biomedical sciences; biotechnologyDetails
Nanthakumar A/L Loganathandevelopment economics; resource economics; tourism economics; asean studiesDetails
Naomie Bt Saliminformation retrieval; cheminformaticsDetails
Narina Binti A. Samaheducational psychology-qualitative inquiryDetails
Nasrul Hisyam Bin Nor Muhamadsyariah; muamalah; hibah; zakat; wakafDetails
Nasrul Humaimi Bin Mahmoodelectronics; biomedical eng; image processing; rehabilitationDetails
Natrah Binti Kamaruzamanheat transfer; micro cooling; micro fluidicDetails
Naziha Binti Ahmad Azlipower electronics and drivesDetails
Nazimah Binti Hussinislamic financeDetails
Nazmona Binti Mat Aliknowledge management; semiotics; knowledge profiling; organizational morphologyDetails
Naznin Sultanatissue engineering; biomaterials; biodegradable polymers; hydroxyapatite; degradationDetails
Nazri Bin Alinumerical geotechnical engineeringDetails
Nazri Bin Kamsahindoor air quality; thermal comfort; thermodynamics; heat transfer; refrigeration & air-conditioningDetails
Nelidya Binti Md. Yusoffphotonics; optical amplifiers (discrete & remote); optical communicationsDetails
Nik Ahmad Nizam Bin Nik Malekzeolites; nanostructured materials; controlled release system; adsorptionDetails
Nik Ahmad Ridhwan Bin Nik Mohdrotor; computational fluid dynamicsDetails
Nik Azmi B. Nik Mahmoodmicrobial fuel cell; biochemistry; microbial technologyDetails
Nik Din B. Muhamaddc-dc converters; power electronics; pspiceDetails
Nik Hasnaa Bte Nik Mahmoodhuman resource development; organizational communicationDetails
Nik Intan Norhan Bt. Abdul Hamidcorporate finance - capital structure; ownership structure; merger & acquisition; investment; islamic finance & economyDetails
Nik Mohd Ridzuan Bin Shaharuddinactive control; marine control; vortex induced vibrationDetails
Nik Mohd Zaim Bin Ab Rahimhadith; science of hadith; islamic civilization; contemporary studies; islamic thoughtDetails
Nik Noordini Bt Nik Abd Malikcollaborative beamforming; wireless sensor network; array antenna; meta-heuristic algorithmDetails
Nik Rumzi Bin Nik Idriscontrol of motor drivesDetails
Niki Anis Bin Ab Karimdifferential geometry; dynamical systems; cryptographyDetails
Nomahaza Binti Mahadiob; leadership; emotional intelligence; research methodologyDetails
Noor Abidah Bte Mohd Omaresp; elt; teacher training; discourse analysis; corpus analysisDetails
Noor Aimran Bin Samsudinurban design; urban conservation; urban history; vernacular settlementDetails
Noor Aireen Binti Ibrahimlanguage and communication; health communication; media communication; discourse analysisDetails
Noor Asmawati Binti Samsuriantenna and propagation; wearable antenna; specific absorption rate; antenna; human and metallic item interactionDetails
Noor Asniza Binti Muradmicrowave and millimeterwave devicesDetails
Noor Azean Binti Atanmoocs; authentic learning environment; continuum visual thinking; online learning; service learningDetails
Noor Azlinda Binti AhmadlightningDetails
Noor Azurati Binti Ahmad @ Sallehembedded system; real-time scheduling; testing for real-time systems; artificial intelligence; mobile computingDetails
Noor Baharim Bin Hashimenvironmental hydraulics; water quality modeling; nutrient watershed modelingDetails
Noor Dayana Binti Abd Halimeducation; multimedia education; educational technology; augmented reality; mobile learningDetails
Noor Fawazi Bin Md Noor Rudinapplied mechanics; structural vibration and noiseDetails
Noor Hamizah Bt Hussainengineering education; teaching and learning; communication electronics; satellite communication; wireless communicationDetails
Noor Hazarina Bt. Hashiminternet marketing; online consumer behaviour; tourism and destination marketingDetails
Noor Irza Binti Mohd Zakiarctic engineering; offshore structures; probability distributions; oceanographyDetails
Noor Mala Bt Ibrahimcorpus linguistics; english as a medium of instruction; spoken genreDetails
Noor Nabilah Binti Sarbiniadvance concrete material; design of reinforced concrete; industrialized building system; statistical analysisDetails
Noor Shawal Bin Nasrienergy; sustainable; renewable; combustion; catalytic combustionDetails
Noor Zainab Bt Abdul Razaklanguage learning strategies; computer assisted language learning; motivational orientationDetails
Nooraini Binti Othmaneducation; psychology; educational psychology; islamic psychologyDetails
Nooraini Bte Yusoffurban planning; housing; housing for elderlyDetails
Noordin Bin Mohd Yusofmachining - sustainability - membrane manufacture - industrial engineeringDetails
Noordini Binti Che' Mangeographical information system; urban and regional planningDetails
Noordyana Binti Hassanremote sensing; digital image processing; forestry; plant ecologyDetails
Noorfa Haszlinna Binti Mustaffasupply chain management; simulation; operations researchDetails
Noorminshah Binti A.Iahadphotonics; nano-electronics; cosmochronology; fusion; biophysicsDetails
Nor Ain Binti Huseinoptics; applied optics; laser; fiber optics; optical sensorsDetails
Nor Aini Binti ZakariarehabilitaionDetails
Nor Aishah Bte Saidina Aminapplied catalysis; reaction engineering; biomass conversion; co2 utilization; biofuelsDetails
Nor Aiza Binti Mohd Zamilislamic banking and finance; accounting and financeDetails
Nor Akmal Binti Fadilmaterials; nano; chemistryDetails
Nor Alafiza Binti Yunuschemical product design; modeling; process design; chemical engineeringDetails
Nor Azizah Binti Sa'adonsoftware engineering; web services; agent; patternDetails
Nor Azman Bin Ismailhuman computer interaction; image retrieval; webometricsDetails
Nor Azwadi Bin Che Sidiknumerical methods; fluid structure interaction; lattice boltzmann; convective heat transfer; nanofluidDetails
Nor Bahiah Binti Hj. Ahmadsoft computing; intelligence e-learningDetails
Nor Eliza Binti Aliasextreme rainfall; tsunami; disaster; statistical analysis; probable maximum precipitationDetails
Nor Erne Nazira Binti Bazinsystem dynamics; policy design; supply chain; retailingDetails
Nor Fadila Bt. Amin @ Mohd. Amindesign and innovation; technical and vocational education and trainning; research methodology; rasch measurement modelDetails
Nor Farahwahidah Binti Abdul Rahmanphysics education; epistemological thinking in scienceDetails
Nor Fasiha Binti Mohd Yusofdesign creativity; design process; design education; engineering educationDetails
Nor Hafizah Binti Ngajikinoptical communications; moems devices; photonics devicesDetails
Nor Haizan Bt Mohamed Radziartificial intelligence; optimization; planning; schedulingDetails
Nor Haniza Bt. Sarmingroup theory; splicing systems and their applicationsDetails
Nor Hasniza Binti IbrahimrefleksiDetails
Nor Hasrul Akhmal Bin Ngadimantissue engineering; materials; manufacturing and industrial engineeringDetails
Nor Hisham Bin Khamisfirst interest; second interest; …sonar; antenna design; radio propagationDetails
Nor Raihana Binti Mohd Alitax compliance; taxation; religiosityDetails
Nor Sa'adah Bte Abd Rahmancopyright law; intellectual property law; commercial lawDetails
Nor Zafir Bt. Md. Sallehculture and heritage; service innovation; muslim-friendly tourism services; muslim-friendly hotelsDetails
Nor Zairah Binti Ab. Rahimtechnology adoption; implementation and use; technology appropriation; social informatics; qualitative research.Details
Nor Zurairahetty Binti Mohd Yunusgeotechnical engineeringDetails
Nor'azizi Bin Othmanbiomass; biochar; gasification; combustion; renewal energyDetails
Noraffandy B Yahayae-learningDetails
Norafida Bte Ithnininformation assurance and security managementDetails
Norah Binti Md Nooreducational technology; e-learning; multimedia; youth learners; learning using videoDetails
Norahim Bin Ibrahimbiosensor; electrochemistry; electrochemical sensing; mfc; bioelectricityDetails
Noraini Binti Ibrahimsoftware engineering; software evolution; requirement engineering; se education. mobile application developmentDetails
Noraini Bt. Abu Talibbusiness; commercialization; entrepreneurship; management of technology; community developmentDetails
Noraliani Binti Aliasnon point source pollution; urban water quality; water resourcesDetails
Noraniah Bte Mohd Yassinartificial intelligence; smart education; knowledge-based systemsDetails
Norashikin Bt. Mahmudoccupational health psychology; organizational psychologyDetails
Noraslinda Binti Mohamed IsmailstatisticsDetails
Norasnita Binti Ahmadeducation technology; open learner modelDetails
Norasykin Binti Mohd Zaidonline education; multimedia courseware; database; database management; ontologyDetails
Norazah Binti Basarnatural product chemistry; organic synthesisDetails
Norazan Bin Mohd Kassimoptical communication; optical devices; electromagnetic fieldDetails
Norazana Bt Ibrahimbiomass pyrolysis; biofuels; pyrolysis kineticsDetails
Norazli Binti Othmansolid waste management; electronic waste; life cycle assessment; integrated waste managementDetails
Norazmah Suhailah Bt Abdul Maleklanguage proficiency; communication; teaching and learningDetails
Norazmein Bin Abdul Ramanwood machining; response surface method; design of experiment; industrial engineering; ergonomicsDetails
Norazrena Binti Abu Samahpersonalized learning environment (ple); learning orientations; user model; mobile learningDetails
Nordiana Binti Mashrostraffic and transportation engineeringDetails
Nordin Bin Yahayastructural integrity; risk management; pipeline engineering; corrosion; oil & gas facilitiesDetails
Norhafizah Bt Ramlioptical tomography using cmos; electronics; problem based laboratoryDetails
Norhaida Bte Mohd Suaibcomputer graphics; collision detection; real-time graphicsDetails
Norhaiza Binti AhmadstatisticsDetails
Norhakim Bin Yusofgeo-information; remote sensing; spatial planning and geovisual analyticsDetails
Norhalimah Bt. Idrismap mashup; neogeography; vgi; credibility; trustDetails
Norhaliza Binti Haji Abd Wahabmodeling and simulation; control and identification; wastewater treatment systemDetails
Norhan Bin Abd.Rahmanwater resources engineering; groundwater management; geo-environmental engineering; urban hydrologyDetails
Norhaniza Binti Yusofe-learning systems; soft computing; social learning networksDetails
Norhayani Bt Othmanrheology of polymer melt; polymer nano composites; biodegradable polymersDetails
Norhayati Binti Abdullahindustrial wastewater treatmentDetails
Norhayati Binti Mohmad Zakwan @ Zakuantqm; risk management; supply chain managementDetails
Norhayati Bt Ahmadceramic; composites; inorganic membrane; powder processing; coatingDetails
Norhayati Bte Mohamed Norcosmeceutical; delivery of active ingredients for cosmeceutical application; fragranceDetails
Norhazilan Bin Md Noorreliability engineering; corrosion engineering; risk assessmentDetails
Norhidayah Binti Abdul Hassancivil engineering; highway engineering; x-ray ct; imaging technique; asphalt mixtureDetails
Norhidayah Binti Md. Yunusland administration and development; asset management; maintenance management; land acquisition; blueprint implementationDetails
Norhidayu Binti Muhamad Zainhalal science; biomaterialDetails
Norhisham Bin Bakharystructural health monitoringDetails
Norhiza Bt Ismailreading strategies; metacognitive strategiesDetails
Norhudah Binti Semanmicrowave engineeringDetails
Noriah Bt Bidinlaser physics and engineeringDetails
Norio Sugiurawater treatment process; bio-system engineering; ecological engineeringDetails
Noriyuki Kuwanomaterials scienceDetails
Noriza Bt. Mohd Jamal @ Kamar.cost and management accounting; supply chain managementDetails
Norizah Bt Hj Redzuanmanufacturing; laser; microdrilling & machiningDetails
Norjulia Binti Mohamad Nordinmultilevel inverter; induction machines; direct torque control; drivesDetails
Norlina Binti Paramanhigh level verification; ic test; design for testDetails
Norliza Binti Mohamedoptical communication; radio over fiberDetails
Norliza Bt. Mohd Isaislamic built enviromentDetails
Norliza Bte Mohd Noorimage analysis; image processing; biomedical engineeringDetails
Norma Bt Aliascomputational nanotechnology; high performance computing; a big data implementation; numerical analysisDetails
Normah Bte Maanmathematical modelling; fuzzy set theory; delay differential equationsDetails
Normal Binti Mat Jusohdigital games; acceptance technologyDetails
Normala Bt Hashimcivil engineering; environmental engineering; constructed wetland; leachate treatmentDetails
Nornazira Binti Suhairomtechnical and vocational education and training; human resource management; competency; career development; hospitality and tourDetails
Norsarahaida Bt Saidina Aminfluid mechanics and heat transfer; stem educationDetails
Norsiah Binti Abd. Azizurban planning; social planningDetails
Norulhusna Binti Ahmadturbo equalization; cognitive radio; signal processing in communicationDetails
Norzaida Binti Abasstatistical modelling; statistical application in hydrology; applied mathematics; statistical modeling in hydrology; agriculture; dengue cases. extreme rainfall projectionsDetails
Norzaidahwati Binti Zaidinservice quality; performance measurement; marketing performance; health care marketing; health care servicesDetails
Norzanah Binti Rosminrenewable/sustainable energy; power system; wind turbine control; energy managementDetails
Norziha Binti Megat Mohd Zainuddinaugmented reality; disability (deaf) and education; software development; usability testingDetails
Norzita Binti Ngadiwastewater treatment; surface coating; biomass to fuelDetails
Nur Arina Bazilah Binti Azizoperations research; inventory; routing; genetic algorithms; queuing systemsDetails
Nur Eiliyah @ Wong Yee Lengpattern recognition; biometric systems; artificial intelligence; machine learningDetails
Nur Emma Bt Mustaffaconstruction law; dispute resolution; partnering; construction contract; procurementDetails
Nur Hafizah Binti Abd Khalidadvanced concrete technology; fiber reinforced polymer composites; composites and biocomposites; polymer based materialDetails
Nur Naha Binti Abu Mansorhuman capital development; information systems; community innovationDetails
Nur Suriani Binti Mamatpetroleum engineeringDetails
Nur Syamimi Binti Zaidiwastewater treatment; magnetic field application; activated sludge; filamentous microorganismsDetails
Nur Zuraifah Syazrah Binti Othmanhuman computer interactionDetails
Nur'azah Binti Abdul Manafsurvival analysis; reproducing kernel hilbert space methods; hazard/ risk functional analysis; engineering mathematics and statiDetails
Nurazean Binti Maarophealth informatics; technology acceptance; technology adoptionDetails
Nurazmallail Bin Marniislamic studies; islamic civilization; prophetic medicine; islamic medicine; islamic educationDetails
Nurbiha Binti A. ShukorcsclDetails
Nurfatehah Wahyuny Binti Che Jusohadsorption; photocatalyticDetails
Nurliyana Binti Ahmad Zawawinanobiotechnology; drug deliveryDetails
Nurshikin Binti Mohamad Shukerycontractor selection; bim; construction technologyDetails
Nursyafreena Binti Attanchemistry; material sciencesDetails
Nurul Adilla Bt. Mohd Subhanetworked control system; multi-agent system; predictive controlDetails
Nurul Ezaila Binti Aliascharacterization of nanocmos; variability and reliability issues of nanocmos devicesDetails
Nurul Farhana Binti Jumaatonline learning; online interaction; instructional scaffolding; metacognitionDetails
Nurul Hawani Binti Idrismap mashup; neogeography; vgi; credibility; trustDetails
Nurul Hazrina Binti Idriscoastal altimetryDetails
Nurul Syakima Bt Mohd Yusofffacilities management; performance measurement; physical envionment; student performanceDetails
Nurulain Binti Yahayaflow around winglet; piv; flow behaviourDetails
Nurulbahiyah Bt Ahmad Khairudinstructural bioinformatics; molecular modellingDetails
Nurzal Effiyana Binti Ghazaliwireless network; mobile computing; lte; mobility managementDetails
Omar Bin Abdul Aziztelecommunication engineering; electromagnetic propagation; antenna designDetails
Omar Bin Yaakobmarine renewable energy; ship hydrodynamic design; ocean energy; satellite altimetryDetails
Ong Chee Tiongsolitons; nonlinear pde; kdv; kp; nlsDetails
Ooi Chia Yeedesign for testabilityDetails
Osman Bin Ayopmetamaterials & antennasDetails
Othman Bin Che PuantransportationDetails
Othman Bin Ibrahiminformation systems; is theory; knowledge management; e-gov; e-businessDetails
Othman Bin Mohd Yusopsoftware requirement; testing; design; software engineeringDetails
Othman Bin Zainongeomatic; geoinformationDetails
Pakharuddin Bin Mohd Saminvehicle dynamics; handling; rideDetails
Ponselvi A/P Jeevaragagamhydrology; hydraulics; artificial intelligence; fuzzy; water resourcesDetails
Pramila A/P Tamunaidubiomass; biofuel; bioplastics; wastewater treatment; solid waste managementDetails
Praseetha A/P Prabhakaranbreast cancer; nanocurcuminDetails
Pritheega A/P Magalingamdigital forensics analysis and validation; information security risk management; complex network analysis; digital forensics risDetails
Puspa Inayat Bt.Khalidrehabilitation engineering; emg signal analysisDetails
Radziah Binti Mohamadsoftware engineering; service-oriented computing; software reuseDetails
Radzuan Bin Junineor; co2 sequestration; reservoir characterization; waste management; petroleum engineeringDetails
Radzuan Bin Sa'ariengineering surveying; hydrographic surveying; satellite positioning; photogrammetry; coastal mappingDetails
Rafeizah Binti Mohd Zulkifliworkforce education; technical and vocational education; teacher educationDetails
Rafiziana Binti Md Kasmanifire and explosionDetails
Rahayu Binti Tasnimentrepreneurial psychology; simulation & gamingDetails
Rahimah Bt Muhamadfiber reinforced concrete; tension stiffening & cracking in fiber concreteDetails
Rahmat Bin Mohsinnatural gas system; metering and calibrations; ngv; pipeline integrity; cfd turbomachineryDetails
Raja Ishak Bin Raja Hamzahnoise; vibration; acoustics & condition monitoringDetails
Raja Kamarulzaman Bin Raja Ibrahimplasma technology; infrared spectroscopy; optical sensorDetails
Raja Marzyani Bt Raja Mazlanbuilding services; building maintenance; facilities management; asset maintenanceDetails
Raja Nafida Bte Raja ShahminanarchitectureDetails
Raja Zahilah Binti Raja Mohd Radziip-over-wdm network; wireless sensor network; embedded systemDetails
Ramadhansyah Putra Jayahighway engineering materials; concrete technology; nano technologyDetails
Ramesh K S @ Mohd Zaidi Bin Abd Rozantechnology entrepreneursip; it entrepreneurship; it & software project management; disaster management; natural language processDetails
Ramlan Bin Azizbioprocessing; herbal processing; resource conservationDetails
Ramli Bin Arifinmaterials science; glass and ceramicsDetails
Ramli Bin Nazirgeotechnical engineeringDetails
Rania Hussien Ahmed Al-Ashwalmedicine; biomedical sciences; health careDetails
Rasheed Mohamed Kuttypolitical science; food security; human security; policy and managemant studiesDetails
Rashid Ahmedphysics; material science; computational material science; energy materials; semiconductors materialsDetails
Rashidah Binti Kadirinformation & multimedia security; video encryption; security awarenessDetails
Rashidah@Siti Saedah Binti Arsatsaw; nanomaterial; sensorDetails
Rasli Bin Abd Ghanipower system analysis; fault point analysis; renewable enegy; neural network; fuzzy logicDetails
Rasyidah Binti Mohamad Idrisfacts deregulated power systemDetails
Razali Bin Ismailnanoelectronics; field effect transistors; graphene; nanotube; carbonDetails
Razali Bin Ngahwireless communicationDetails
Razauden Bin Mohamed Zulkiflinutritional biochemistryDetails
Razif Bin Razalinonlinear optics; spdc; quantum entanglement; optimization quantum well heterostructuresDetails
Redzuan Bin Abdullahsoftware testing; software development; hardware reliabilityDetails
Rini Asnida Binti Abdullahrock mass classification; rock slope stability; numerical analysisDetails
Robiah Ahmadsystem identification and modeling; evolutionary computation; multi-objective optimization; instrumentation and controlDetails
Robiah Bte Suratmansustainable development; environmental management; tourism planning and certification; gis applicDetails
Rohah Bte A. Majidwaterborne polyurethane coatings; polyurethane foams; biopolymers; biocompositesDetails
Rohaida Binti Basiruddinaudit quality; corporate governance; earnings management; cost of capitalDetails
Rohaizat Bin Baharuneducational marketing; retailing management; customer behaviourDetails
Rohani Binti Othmanworkplace communication; engineering education - communication skillsDetails
Rohanin Bt Ahmadoptimization; optimal control; operations researchDetails
Rohaya Binti Abdul Jalilreits; real estateDetails
Rohaya Binti Talibeducational measurement and evaluation; psychological testingDetails
Rohayah Bt Kaharsocial media; belf; intercultural business communication; small business; teslDetails
Roliana Binti Ibrahimsystems engineering; information retrieval; knowledge management; recommender systems; opinion mining and sentiment analysisDetails
Rose Alinda Bt. Aliasinformation systemsDetails
Roselainy Bt Abdul Rahmanmathematics education; mathematical thinking; problem solving; engineering educationDetails
Roselina Binti Salleh@Sallehuddinsoft computing; intelligent data analysis; modelling and forecasting.Details
Roshafima Bte Rasit Alibiopolymer; bioplastic packagingDetails
Roshanida Binti A.Rahmanbioconversion; enzyme technology; wastewater treatmentDetails
Roshazlizawati Bt. Mohd. Nore-commerce; consumer protectionDetails
Roshida Binti Abdul Majidarchitectural design; behavioral design; sustainable architecture; housing; children environmentDetails
Roslan Bin Amirudinconstruction management and engineeringDetails
Rosli B. Mohamad Zinconstruction management; constructability; project managementDetails
Rosli Bin Md. Illiasbioprocess engineeringDetails
Roslida Bt Abd Samatstructural analysis; structural dynamics; wind effect to structureDetails
Roslina Binti Ibrahimeducational games design; acceptance and adoption of information systems; interaction designDetails
Roslina Binti Mohammadimpact mechanics; solid mechanicsDetails
Roslina Bt. Rashidenzymatic reaction; artificial intelligenceDetails
Roslinda Binti Zainalelectronics & instrumentations; laser; applied opticsDetails
Roslli Bin Noor Mohamedconcrete materials; fibre reinforced concrete; self-compacting concrete; precast concreteDetails
Rosmah Bt. Aliengineering education; educational informatics; educational assessment and measurementDetails
Rosmah Bte Ramlancommunication; language learning; language teachingDetails
Rosmini Binti Omartalent management; small and medium enterprises; organizational behaviorDetails
Rosnani Bte Hasham @ Hisamskin barrier function; stratum corneum lipid; anti-ageing; cosmeceutical; phytochemical and aromatherapyDetails
Rosnita Binti Muhammadmaterial science; nanomaterials; nanofabricationDetails
Rossilah Binti Jamilmanagement education; management development; human resource management / developmentDetails
Roswanira Binti Ab. Wahaburban planning; transport; public administration; policy scienceDetails
Rosyatimah Bt. Yasinenglish language teaching and learning; communication; sociolinguistics; gender and languageDetails
Rozaimi Bin Mohd Saadadvanced manufacturing; cad/cam; product design; computer-aided manufacturingDetails
Rozana Binti Zakariasustainable urban development; construction management; green technology; green and sustainable initiativesDetails
Rozeha Bt. A. Rashidcognitive radio; wireless sensor network; software defined radio; optimization techniques; spectrum sensingDetails
Rozeyta Bte Omarmanagement sciences; organizational behaviorDetails
Roziana Bt Shaarihuman resource development; knowledge sharing; adult learning; organizational learningDetails
Rozlina Bte Md. Siratsafety and health; safety culture; ergonomicsDetails
Rozzeta Binti Dolahrobust design engineering; taguchi method; design of experiments; metrology; measurementDetails
Rubita Binti Sudirmanmedical instrumentation; eeg and eog signal processing and applications; speech recognitionDetails
Ruhaidah Binti Samsudinsoft computing; artificial intelligenceDetails
Rusmidah Bt Aliengineering education; educational informatics; educational assessment and measurementDetails
Ruzairi Bin Abdul Rahimprocess tomography; sensor applicationDetails
Ruzita Bt. Selamathuman resource management; e-hrm; competence developement and acquisition; workplace learningDetails
Sa'ardin Bin Abdul Azizultrasonics metal forming; finite element analysis; finite element modelling; material processingDetails
Sabariah Bte Baharungraph modelling; mathematical thinkingDetails
Safian Bin Sharifmachining; rapid prototypingDetails
Saharudin B. Haronbiosensors; nano particles; energy; hydrogen production; process controlDetails
Saiful Adli Bin Ismailgrid computing security; cloud computing security; big dataDetails
Saiful Amri Bin Mazlandesign; magnetorheological fluid; damper; suspensionDetails
Saiful Anuar Bin Abu Bakarvehicle dynamics and control system; suspension systems; electric vehicleDetails
Saifulnizam Bin Abd. Khalidpower system deregulation; reactive power allocationDetails
Saleha Binti Shaharmolecular virology; virologyDetails
Salehhuddin Bin Hamdanbiochemestry; gene delivery; natural productDetails
Salfarina Binti Samsudinland administration; land development; land governanceDetails
Salinda Binti Buyamindynamic systems; control electric drives system; sensorless system; system identification and estimation; optimisationDetails
Sallehuddin Bin Ibrahiminstrumentation; sensor; tomography; ultrasound; educationDetails
Salmiatiwater and wastewater treatmentDetails
Salwa Binti Abdul Patahtraining and development; transformational leadership; performance developmentDetails
Samira Albati Bt. Kamaruddinwater resources; hydrology and hydraulic engineering; surface water hydrology; groundwater hydrology; environmental issues and aDetails
Samsiah Binti Abdullahplant biotechnology; plant genetic engineeringDetails
Samsudin Bin Ahmadremote sensing; gis; geospatial technologyDetails
Samura Bin Aliimage compression and encryptionDetails
Sani Amril Bin Samsudinpolymer blends; isothermal crytallization kinetic; cyclic polymersDetails
Sanitah Bte Mohd Yusofcurriculum and instruction; internationalization; higher educationDetails
Sapura Bt Mohamadlandscape architecture; landscape ethnology; ethnobotany; cultural landscapeDetails
Sarajul Fikri Bin Mohamedconstruction management; knowledge management; m&e works cost management; project estimatingDetails
Saravana Kumar Jaganathancancer; anticancer compounds; drug resistance; biomechanics; biomaterialsDetails
Sariati Binti Azmanaccounting information system (ais); enterprise resource planning (erp) system; management control systems; accounting changeDetails
Sariffuddin Bin Sa'adstructural analysis; finite element analysis; steel structuresDetails
Sarimah Bt Shamsudinelt; esp; call; cmc; corpus linguisticsDetails
Sarimah Bt. Ismailfood service management; innovation and creativity; assessment & evaluation; curriculum design & evaluation; instructional & modDetails
Sarina Binti Sulaimanmobile web caching and pre-fetching; soft computing; web usage mining; social networking; learning analytics in big dataDetails
Saudah Bte Sofianmanagement accounting; intellectual capital; csr; corporate governance; islamic financeDetails
See Hong Henganalytical chemistry; sample preparation; microfluidicDetails
Seriaznita Binti Mat Saidapprenticeship; eop; eap; curriculum development; effective operational proficiency; english for academic purposesDetails
Sevia Mahdaliza Bt. Idrus Sutan Namehoptical communication system and network; optoelectronic design; and engineering managementDetails
Sha'ri Bin Mohd Yusofquality management; leanDetails
Shabudin Bin Matlow speed aerodynamicsDetails
Shadiya Mohamed Saleh Ba QutayanpsychologyDetails
Shafaatunnur Binti Hasanbig data computing; machine learning; gpu computing; soft computingDetails
Shafinaz Binti Shahirenvironmental biotechnology; bioremediation; biosensorDetails
Shafishuhaza Sahlanmodel order reduction; process control system; animal biotechnologyDetails
Shafudin Bin Mohd Yatimproject management; business administrationDetails
Shah Rollah Bin Abdul Wahabsafety management; transformational leadership; safety climate; safety training practicesDetails
Shahabuddin Bin Amerudingis; lbs; gps; floodplain modelling; visibilityDetails
Shahabudin Bin Abdullahproperty management; facilities management; appraisal; valuationDetails
Shaharil Bin Mad Saadartificial intelligence; embedded system and control engineeringDetails
Shaharin Fadzli Bin Abd Rahmansemiconductor materials and devicesDetails
Shaharuddin Bin Md Salleheducational technology; animation; graphic design; multimedia education; education technology; graphic; web-based simulationDetails
Shahdan Bin Sudincontrol engineering; vehicle convoy dynamicsDetails
Shahida Binti Sulaimansoftware design; software evolution and maintenance; web engineering; knowledge managementDetails
Shahliza Binti Abd Halimsoftware product line; transition from requirements to architecture; model based software engineering (mbse); sysmlDetails
Shahrin Bin Md Ayobpower electronics; electric vehicle; fuzzy control application to power electronicsDetails
Shahrin Bin Mohammadstructural engineering; computer aided design; finite element; engineering educationDetails
Shahrum Shah Bin Abdullahintelligent control; underwater robotics; artificial neural networksDetails
Shaiful Amri Bin Mansurconstruction management; productivity assessment; project planningDetails
Shaikh Nasir @ Nasir Bin Shaikh Husinvlsi design; digital system design; combinatorial optimizationDetails
Shajarahtunnur Binti Jamilnatural productsDetails
Shamila Binti AzmanenvironmentDetails
Shamsuddin Shahidwater resources; climate change; statistical hydrology; groundwater hydrology; hydrological disastersDetails
Shamsul Bin Sahibuddinsoftware engineering; software quality; software process improvement; requirement engineering; it service managementDetails
Shamsul Bin Saripregenerative braking; ocean thermal energy; thermal and stressDetails
Shamsulhadi Bin Bandiconstruction management; quantity surveying; bills of quantitiesDetails
Sharidan Bin Shafieapplied mathematics (boundary layer flow of heat and mass transfer)Details
Sharifah Hafizah Binti Syed Ariffinmobility management in ultra dense network; vehicular network communication; user mobility prediction; wireless sensor networkDetails
Sharifah Kamilah Bt Syed Yusofcognitive radio; ofdm; mimo-ofdm systemsDetails
Sharifah Rafidah Bt. Wan Alwiprocess systems engineeringDetails
Sharifah Salwa Bt Syed Mahdzararchitecture; urban design; planning; space syntaxDetails
Shariffah Suhaila Binti Syed Jamaludinapplied statistics; environmental and hydrological statisticsDetails
Sharin Hazlin Binti Huspiinformation retrievalDetails
Sharipah Alwiah Bt Syed Abd Rahamanapplied mathematicsDetails
Sharul Kamal Bin Abdul Rahimantenna; smart antenna; beamforming; microwave devices; propagationDetails
Shaza Eva Binti Mohamadenvironmental biology; biofuel; microalgae; lignocellulosicDetails
Shazirawati Binti Mohd Puzicomputational mathematics; numerical; wireless networkDetails
Sheela A/P Chandrenphotocatalysis; heterogeneous catalysisDetails
Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Bin Shaikh Salimurban climatology; building environmental engineering; urban heat islands; thermal comfortDetails
Sheikh Hussain Bin Shaikh Sallehbiomedical signal processingDetails
Shek Poi Ngiansteel structures; steel connectionsDetails
Shreeshivadasan A/L Chelliapanenviroment; biotechnology; chemical treatment; wastewater treatment; biological processDetails
Shuhaimi Bin Mansorflight dynamics and control; vehicle aerodynamics; wind tunnel testing.Details
Shuib Bin Rambatlow-cost remote sensing system; 3d gis; parallel processingDetails
Shukor Bin Abd Razaknetwork security; computer security; digital forensic; sensor network; mobile ad hoc networksDetails
Shukur Bin Hj. Abu Hassancomposites materials and structures; composites structures; composites durability; composites designDetails
Sib Krishna Ghoshalcondensed matter physics; nanoscience; statistical computational physicsDetails
Siti Aishah Bt. Abdul Hamidreading; second language learningDetails
Siti Aisyah Bt. Panatikorganizational psychology; work design; work-family interface; spirituality & religiosity at workplace; psychological testingDetails
Siti Armiza Binti Mohd Ariseeg; signal processing; artificial intelligenceDetails
Siti Hajar Binti Othmanmetamodel; disaster management; disaster recovery; information security; cloud computingDetails
Siti Hajjar Binti Che Manpolymer synthesis; polymer composites; emulsionDetails
Siti Maherah Binti Hussinpower system planning; energy system; mathematical optimizationDetails
Siti Mariyam Bt. Hj. Shamsuddinbig data computing; pattern recognition; soft computing and intelligent graphics processingDetails
Siti Norafida Bt. Jusohtunnel; soft soil; geotechnicsDetails
Siti Norlina Bt Muhamadislamic psychology; psychotherapyDetails
Siti Nurhuda Binti Abd Wahidsustainable construction; procurement in construction; quantity surveyingDetails
Siti Pauliena Binti Mohd Boharinatural product; animal cell biotechnology; tissue engineeringDetails
Siti Rahmah Binti Aidsemiconductor fabrication process; material; semiconductor devicesDetails
Siti Rahmah Binti Awangapplied statisticsDetails
Siti Zaleha Binti Abdul Rasidmanagement accounting; enterprise risk management; corporate governanceDetails
Siti Zaleha Bt. Abdul Hamidacoustics; noise controlDetails
Siti Zaleha Bte Omainsupply chain management; opeations managementDetails
Siti Zura Binti A Jalil @ Zainuddinbiomedical engineeringDetails
Sophan Wahyudi Bin Nawawinonlinear control system and real time control systemDetails
Sophia C. Alihearthquake engineering; inoxydable steel; structural assessment and rehabilitationDetails
Srithar A/L Rajooenergy recovery; engine boosting & internal combustion enginesDetails
Sugeng Triwahyonoheterogeneous solid acid-base catalysisDetails
Suhaila Binti Isaaksingle photon avalanche diode; fpgaDetails
Suhaila Binti M Buhariionospheric physicsDetails
Suhaila Binti Mohamad Yusufvision systems; artificial intelligenceDetails
Suhaimi Bin Abu Bakar/Md Ramlistructural modellingDetails
Suhaimi Bin Ibrahimsoftware engineeringDetails
Suhairul Bin Hashimphysics; radiation and dosimetryDetails
Suhana Binti Mohamed Sultannanoelectronic devicesDetails
Sulaiman Shakib Bin Mohd Noorislamic education; islamic counseling; islamic motivation; islamic psycology; islamic studiesDetails
Sumaiyah Binti Othmanurban design; landscape architectureDetails
Sumiaty Binti AmbranoptoelectronicsDetails
Suraya Binti Miskonshared services; information systems success; information systems planningDetails
Suraya Binti Ya'acobvisualization; information visualization; cognitive; visual analyticsDetails
Suriani Binti Mohd Samnetwork quality of serviceDetails
Suriayati Bt Chupratreal-time systems; scheduling theory; cloud computing; information securityDetails
Susilawati Binti Toemencatalysis; adsorbents; inorganic chemistry; wastewater treatment; mercury removalDetails
Suzairi Bin Daudfibre optics; optical solitons; fibre laser; carbon nano-particleDetails
Suzilawati Bt. Kamarudinentrepreneurship; sme; strategic management; religious orientation and business performance; religiosity and entrepreneurshipDetails
Sya Azmeela Binti Shariffinstructional design; education technologyDetails
Syafiqah Binti Saidinbiomaterials; biomimetic; implant coating; surface modification & characterisation; modelling & simulationDetails
Syaharizatul Noorizwan Bt Muktarhuman resource management; knowledge management; organisational analysisDetails
Syahrullail Bin Samiontribology; metal forming; bio-lubricant; fluid mechanics; extrusionDetails
Syamsul Hendra Bin Mahmudconstruction management; technology; estimating; quantity surveyingDetails
Syarifah Zyurina Binti Nordinoperational research; optimisation; task schedulingDetails
Syazwani Itri Binti Amranmolecular biochemistry; pharmaceuticalDetails
Syed Abdul Rahman Bin Syed Abu Bakarimage processing; computer visionDetails
Syed Mohamed Shafeq B Syed MansorcounselingDetails
Syed Mohd. Nooh Bin Syed OmarneuroscienceDetails
Syed Norris Hikmi Syed Abdullahgovernance risk and compliance; ontology development; information systems planning; business process management; data qualityDetails
Syed Zainudeen Bin Mohd Shaidmalware; computer securityDetails
Syuhaida Binti Ismailproject management; construction managementDetails
Tahir Bin AhmadmodellingDetails
Tajul Ariffin Bin Musageodesy; gps; network rtk; space weather; gps meteorologyDetails
Tan Chee Weirenewable energy and power electronicsDetails
Tan Cher Siangcold-formed steel; lightweight materials; modular construction; structural steelworkDetails
Tan Liat Choongeoinformatics; land administration and developmentDetails
Tan Lit Kentopology; number theory; graph theory; flat electroencephalography; dynamical systemDetails
Tan Owee Kowangnew product development; operation management; project management; quality management; concurrent engineeringDetails
Tan Tian Sweeartificial intelligence; pattern recognition; probability; decision theory; image processingDetails
Tang Howe Hingbiomedical engineering; robotic system dynamics and controlDetails
Tareef Hayat Khanhousing; urban design; property management; design studio pedagogyDetails
Tarmizi Ismailhydrology; water resources and climate changeDetails
Taufiq Khairi Bin Ahmad Khairuddinlinear algebra; applied and industrial mathematicsDetails
Tharek Bin Abd Rahmanmobile communication; wireless communication; satellite communicationDetails
Thoo Ai Chinsupply chain managementDetails
Tina Bte. Abdullahliterature; education; english as a second language; envisonment building; meaning makingDetails
Ting Chee Mingstatistical signal processing; time series analysis; neural signals and imaging; speech & biosignal processingDetails
Toh Hoong Thiamcomputational fluid dynamics; aerodynamicsDetails
Toni Anwarict; embedded systems; smart cities:transport & road technologies-location based services-connected healthcare; se; automataDetails
Tony Hadibarataenvironmental engineering - environmental chemistry - applied microbiology - bioremediationDetails
Tuan Amran Bin Tuan Abdullahreaction engineering; process safety engineeringDetails
Tuty Asma Binti Abu Bakarcasting of al matrix composites; ceramic coating; self healing tribology; shape memory alloy; tribologyDetails
Uday M.Basheer Al-Naibmaterial engineering; friction welding; ceramic-metal joining; advance ceramicDetails
Umar Haiyat Bin Abdul Koharentrepreneurship; social entrepreneurship; technology-based firms; innovation managementDetails
Umi Aisah Bt Aslirenewable energy; biomass utilizationDetails
Ummikalsom Binti Abidinmicrofabrication; microfluidics; lab on chip; fluid mechanicsDetails
Ummul Khair Bt Ahmaddiscourse analysis; corpus linguistics; second language writing; genre; eapDetails
Ungku Norulkamar Bt. Ungku Ahmadorganizational behavior; strategic management; human resource management; managementDetails
Uswah Binti Khairuddinoptimization; turbochargerDetails
Wahid Bin Omarstructural assessment; reinforced pre-stressed and ductility of high strength concrete; project management and sustainabilityDetails
Wan Aini Bt Wan Ibrahimchromatography; capillary electrophoresis; chiral separation; materials (sol-gel hybrid and nano) for separation; green microexDetails
Wan Aizan Binti Wan Ab Rahmanpolymer composite; natural fibre; biopolymerDetails
Wan Azelee Bin Wan Abu Bakarcatalysis; inorganic chemistry; organometallic; coordination chemistryDetails
Wan Azlina Bt Ahmadbacterial technology; pigment production; environmental biotechnology; bioremediationDetails
Wan Fahmin Faiz Bin Wan Alisolid state reactions; design of experiment; reaction kinetic; dielectric materials; dielectric resonatorsDetails
Wan Farah Wani Binti Wan Fakhruddingenre analysis; systemic functional linguistics; professional discourseDetails
Wan Hashimah Bte Wan Ismailurban study; urban design; urban conservationDetails
Wan Haslina Binti Hassancomputer networks; mobile communications; intelligent architecturesDetails
Wan Hassan Bin Wan Embongislamic education; pendidikan islam; pendidikan akidahDetails
Wan Ibrisam Fikry Bin Wan Ismailrural & small town planning; land policy; land economic; paddy land; waqf landDetails
Wan Khairuddin Bin Wan Alimicrowave; antenna; microstrip antenna; ceramic; electromagneticDetails
Wan Khairuzzaman Bin Wan Ismailob; hr; technology management and innovationDetails
Wan Mohd Azam Bin Wan Mohd Yunusclinical psychology; e-mental health; developing and evaluating interventions; technology-mediated psychological assessments and; technology-mediated psychological assessments and interventions; rct; meta-analysis and syDetails
Wan Mohd Nasir Bin Wan Kadirsoftware engineeringDetails
Wan Muhamad Saridan Bin Wan Hassanradiation physics; medical imaging; nuclear sciencesDetails
Wan Norharyati Binti Wan Sallehmaterials and manufacturing of: polymer-based carbon membrane; polymer-inorganic membrane; membrane technology for water treatmeDetails
Wan Normeza Binti Wan Zakariaeconomics education; human resource developmentDetails
Wan Nur Asyura Binti Wan Adnanhealth communication; second language processingDetails
Wan Nurul Mardiah Binti Wan Mohd Raniurban studies; sustainable urban form; urban neighbourhoodDetails
Wan Nurulhuda Bt Wan Shamsurithin films; solar cells; nanomaterialsDetails
Wan Rohaizad Bin Wan Ibrahimoperation research; numericalDetails
Wan Rosli Bin Wan Sulaimanreservoir engineering; reservoir simulation; enhanced oil recoveryDetails
Wan Rosmiza Zana Bt Wan Dagangcell-cell interactions; cell-surface interactionsDetails
Wan Rukaida Binti Wan Abdullahapplied mathematics (blood flow in microcirculation); numerical methodsDetails
Wan Yusoff Bin Wan Mahmoodquantity surveying; construction project management; quality management; value managementDetails
Wan Yusryzal Bin Wan Ibrahimgis; landscape resource; land use and land coverDetails
Wan Zaidi Bin Wan Omaraircraft design; aircraft structure; wind energy; technology management; renewable energyDetails
Wardah Bte Zainal Abidinsocial informatics; electronic portfolio; activity theory; action research; enterprise architectureDetails
William Chong Woei Fongtribology; surface engineering; contact mechanics; lubrication interfacial phenomenaDetails
Wira Jazair Bin Yahyadiesel combustion; emulsion fuel; diesel emission; burner combustionDetails
Wong King Jyedurability of engineering materials; adhesive joints; computational solid mechanicsDetails
Wong Kuan Yewoperations management; industrial engineeringDetails
Wong Tuck Whyemulti-functional material; stimuli-responsive material; bio-based materialDetails
Yahaya Bin Md Samsliding mode control; vehicle stability control; active suspension; active steering and automotive controlDetails
Yahya Bin Buntattechnical vocationalDetails
Yahya Bin Mohamad Yatimfire safety design philosophy; fire risk assessment; fire safety auditDetails
Yap Yung Szenepr; microwave; quantum computingDetails
Yeak Su Hoenumerical computation; molecular modelingDetails
Yeong Che Fairobotics; embedded system; controlDetails
Yong Ee Lingadvanced oxidation processes; ozonation; emerging contaminants; water chemistry; fluorocarbon managementDetails
Yoshihide Yamadaantenna; radio wave technologyDetails
You Kok Yeowmicrowave sensors; dielectric measurements; numerical modelingDetails
Yudariah Bt Mohammad Yusofmathematics education; engineering educationDetails
Yusliza Binti Yusofforganizational behavior and human resource managementDetails
Yusmeeraz Binti Yusofcmos; dna; biosensorDetails
Yusnaidi Bin Md Yusofwireless sensor networksDetails
Yusof Bin Ahmadstructural analysis; timber engineering; software application in civil eng.Details
Yusof Bin Munajatlaser interaction; laser welding; optical imaging; laser induced breakdown spectroscopy; fiber laser.Details
Yusri B Md. YunostomographyDetails
Yusri Bin Kamincomparative studies; technical and vocational education and trainingDetails
Zaharuddin B Mohamedcontrol of flexible structures; vibration control; command shaping control; mechatronicsDetails
Zahid Sultanland use planning; transportation planning; sustainable urban mobilityDetails
Zaid Bin Omarimage processing; medical imagingDetails
Zaidah Binti Rahmatplant molecular biology; plant biotechnology; plant proteomicsDetails
Zaidatun Bt. Tasircomputer in education; online learning; social learning environment; personalized learningDetails
Zainab Binti Asusenergy management; control; hybrid vehicleDetails
Zainab Binti Mohamed Yusofdam breaching; floodplain modelling; groundwater modelling; groundwater contamination; overtopping flowDetails
Zainab Bt Ramlimicroporous-mesoporous materials; heterogeneous catalysisDetails
Zainab Bte Khalifahtourism management; community based tourism; ecotourismDetails
Zainal Bin Abdul Azizapplied analysis; mathematical physics/engineering; industrial mathematicsDetails
Zainal Bin Salampower electronics; energy; solar; photovoltaicDetails
Zainal Bin Zakariaoil and gasDetails
Zaini Bin Ahmadstructural impact; crashworthiness; thin-walled structure; structural dynamic; crash analysisDetails
Zainoha Bt Zakariabacterial fermentation; chitin and chitosan chemistryDetails
Zainuddin Bin Abd Manansustainable engineering of resources - e.g. food-chemicals-pharmaceuticals; energy; power; water; materialsDetails
Zainudin Bin A. Rasidcomposite material; smart material; carbon nanotube; fInite element method; structural analysisDetails
Zainudin Bin Abu Bakareducational psychologyDetails
Zainudin Bin Hassanhigher education; social change; sociology educationDetails
Zainul Akmar Bin Zakariabioremediation; microbiology; bacteria; detoxification; biomassDetails
Zainura Binti Zainon Noorlife cycle analysis; membrane bioreactor; greenhouse gas inventory; water footprint; carbon footprintDetails
Zaiton Binti Ismaillanguage teaching & learningDetails
Zaiton Binti Mat Isamathematical modelling; diffusion advection; grain fumigationDetails
Zaiton Bt Abdul Majidphysical chemistry; cement chemistry; cement composites; wastewater treatment; sorption separation technologyDetails
Zaiton Bte Haronnoise control engineeringDetails
Zaitul Marlizawati Bt Zainuddinoperational research; heuristicDetails
Zaki Yamani Bin Zakariacatalysis engineering; reaction engineering; green technologyDetails
Zakiah Binti Mohamad Ashariearly childhood education; learning through play approach; numeracy; module development; motivationDetails
Zaleha Bt Ismailmathematics education; engineering educationDetails
Zaleha Bte Abdullahcreativity; cultural historical activity theory; design creativity; facebook; educational technologyDetails
Zaliza Mohamad Nasirpengajaran bahasa melayu sebagai bahasa kedua; linguistik bahasa melayu; budaya malaysiaDetails
Zamri Bin Mohamednoise and vibrationDetails
Zanariah Binti Hashimmetabolomics; systems biology; biochemistryDetails
Zanariah Binti Jasmanilandscape architecture; urban design & urban greening; landscape ecology; nature conservationDetails
Zaniah Bte Mudapower systemDetails
Zarina Binti Mohd Khalidsurvival modelling; longitudinal data analysis; bayesianDetails
Zarina Binti Sanayan @ Abdul Salamaccounting; managementDetails
Zolkafle Bin Buntatozone generation; electrical discharge; high voltageDetails
Zool Hilmi Bin Ismailnonlinear control; underwater robot; pneumatic actuator; multi-agent systemDetails
Zuhaila Binti IsmailmathematicsDetails
Zuhaili Bin Mohamad Ramlyvalue management; stakeholders management; procurement; sustainable constructionDetails
Zuhaimy Bin Haji Ismailscheduling; optimization; forecasting; artificial intelligence; genetic algorithmDetails
Zuhana Bt Mohamed Zincritical reading skills; reading comprehension and english language teachingDetails
Zul Hilmi Bin Che Daudvehicle powertrain; hybrid vehicleDetails
Zulfakar Bin Asparprogrammable logic controller; field programmable gate array; microcontroller; compiler and hmiDetails
Zulhairun Bin Abdul Karimmembrane separation technology; gas separation; desalination; ultrafiltrationDetails
Zulhilmi Bin Ismailwater resourcesDetails
Zulkarnain Bin Abdul Latiffautomotive development centre; thermodynamicsDetails
Zulkarnain Bin Ahmad Noordenhigh voltage generation and measurement; power equipment diagnosis; supercapacitorDetails
Zulkepli Bin Haji Muhamadfoundry engineering; casting technology; rapid prototype; welding; cad-cam-caeDetails
Zulkepli Bin Majidphotogrammetry; laser scanningDetails
Zulkifli Bin Abdul Majidfailure analysisDetails
Zulkifli Bin Yusophydrology; water qualityDetails
Zulkurnain B. Abd. Malekhigh voltage technology; electrical power engineeringDetails
Zuraidah Binti Sulaimanconsumer behavior; green marketing; complaint management; perceived risk; technology in businessDetails
Zuraimy Bin Adzishigh voltage applications; measurement and developing technologyDetails
Zuriahati Binti Mohd Yunosartificial intelligence; forecasting; data modelling; soft computingDetails
Zuriati Binti Zakarianatural products; pesticide; water qualityDetails
Zurina Binti Mohamadpolymer composite; polymer nanocomposite; polymer blend; toughening polymer; biodegradable polymerDetails