Construction project management towards sustainability including green technologies, risk management & green building

Our Research

The expert system is able to calculate the performance of the green building index based on inter-relation of two perspectives to help developers optimize their construction work

Green buildings performance assessment

Sustainability has become an important initiative discussed and undertaken, not only by private buildings, but also by public buildings which both dealing with residential, office, commercial as well as hospital. There is thus a need for some kind of rating system to provide effective framework for assessing building environmental performance and they measure a building’s sustainability by applying a set of criteria organized in different categories. A good Green Building Rating System (GBRS) should cover key indicators reflecting a building’s characteristics and keep their performance in balance. Our research group successfully developed knowledge-based expert system, combining Environmental, Social and Economical perspectives as a results of fuzzy rules derived from experts’ opinions in their respective field.

Delay No More! Mitigation for Housing Projects Construction

The housing demand has increased due to the rapid growth in population and urbanisation in the country. One of the major challenges in the housing industry is the late delivery of housing supply, which in some instances leads to sick and abandoned housing projects. Despite being extensively investigated, this delay is still a common phenomenon of the housing industry in Malaysia. Our team seek to evaluate the current delay mitigation measures using a statistical technique that manage to incorporate seemingly random, unrelated parameters & variables in a structural, inter-related relationships. Using information gathered from stakeholders across the country, we manage to categorized four mitigation measures. Predictive, preventive and organizational measures are found out to be the best measures to deliver the housing project on time which can be attributed to top-notch documentations as well as efficient resource management.

No more eyesore to the public; no more headache to the government & everybody lives happily ever after (literally)