Local cattle breeders need to understand the nutritional needs of livestock in order to produce safe and nutritious meat. Lack of “traced minerals” is one of the problems faced by local farmers, which leads to low disease resistance in livestock which may become prone to diseases. On the other hand, the use of excessive antibiotics in livestock diet may cause negative effects for human consumption.

UTM researchers led by, Dr. Adibah Yahya uses biofeed in producing halal additives for livestock diets which contains traced minerals from natural seaweed extract.

With the use of nanotechnology to enhance the high absorption rate of nutrients to livestock living systems, this innovation has been applied to farms in Segamat, Johor with funds granted through UTM-IISJ.

The use of biofeed brings positive impact in increasing the growth of livestock while at the same time producing quality meat. The use of biofeed has also reduced the presence of flies in the farm area.



Dr. Adibah Yahya